Biscuits and Business – Find out more about starting a business


Biscuits and Business
A complimentary workshop on starting a business will be held from 8 am to 10 am on Tuesday, April 25 at Williamston Town Hall.
Anyone thinking about or planning to start a new business is invited. Coffee and biscuits will be provided.
Ben Smith, Area Manager and Business Development Specialist at the Clemson Area Small Business Development Center will speak on the topic, “Starting your own business: A proven process for Main Street and Beyond.”
The Biscuits and Business program is sponsored by: First Citizens Bank & Trust of Williamston.
Topics to be covered include:
*Developing a business plan
*Developing a financial plan
*The importance of small business
*The odds of launching a successful business
*Mitigating the odds
*Available resources to lean on
For more information contact Faye K. Meares, Vice President at First Citizens Bank & Trust located at 113 E. Main St., Williamston by phone: 864-847-4501or email