Around the County . . .

Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across Anderson County:
Building and Codes
1. Phase II of our demolition plan is complete. A total of 6 substandard structures were demolished. We continue to make progress on cleaning these properties up within the County
2. Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with representatives from the Town of Belton to discuss up-fitting the existing Belton Armory Building. Since this building has been used as a multi-function building, only Mechanical plans for the new HVAC system and electrical for new service upgrade will be required to be submitted for review and permitted accordingly

3. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 28 New Single-Family Dwelling and 8 Addition-Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 2 Swimming Pools; 93 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades which includes 18 Solar Panel Installations; 5 Commercial Including: Storage Building for Interstate Batteries, Simpson Solar Ground Mounted Panels, B & R Restaurant Hood Installation, Re-Roof of Salvation Army, Electrical Service to Existing Storage Building; 18 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
4. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Bottoms Up Tavern Porch Addition located off Clemson Blvd., Cromer Food Service CFS Warehouse, New Domino’s Pizza of Hwy 76, One Main Financial Up-fit located off McNeely Rd. and Various resubmittals
Development Standards
Special Exception request to allow for an expansion for Cromer Foods located on Harris Bridge Road. District 4 Citizens Advisory Committee will hear this request on June 7, 2017 at 6:30pm.
George Patel New Restaurant located on Kalyn’s Way-Powdersville.
BHP High School New Athletic Building
Rivendell/Buckland, a PD (Planned Development Lot #4, #27, #43, and #83 Final Approval
Arbors at Cobb’s Glen, a PD (Planned Development) Lot #18

Mallard Green Subdivision located at 98 Wild Marsh Road, Piedmont issue turned over to HOA.
604 Cherokee Road, Pelzer-building too close to the property line.
Fleet Services
1. Have 5 vacancies: Now hiring (2) Mechanics in our Light Duty shop and (2) Diesel Mechanics in our Medium/Heavy Duty shop. We are also hiring a Customer Service Specialist.
2. Closed 92 work orders for the week.
3. To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  You can then click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
1. 10 vacancies: (1) Manager, (3) Truck Drivers, (3) Equipment Operators, (2) Mower Operators, (1) Laborer.
2. Bridge Crew cleaned bridges and performed routine maintenance.
3. Grading Crew performed gravel road maintenance and replaced a culvert on Richey Road. The current culvert has failed and caused a safety issue for the road. A permanent replacement will be completed by a contractor at a later time.
4. Drainage Crew ditched in Belton and installed driveway pipes. The crew completed the repair of a damaged drainage pipe in Anderson.
5. Vegetation Crew continued to remove trees and mow in all seven areas of the County.
6. Asphalt Crews completed driveway aprons and pot holes throughout the County. Also, crews installed speed humps at the Civic Center to reduce speeding through the complex.
1. The final inspection by DHEC of the Broadway Dam repairs is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th. It is expected that an approval to close the gates will follow.
2. The responsibility for the operation of the Broadway spillway gates has been delegated to the stormwater department. The Wastewater and Building & Codes departments have been assisting with preparations for this by conducting maintenance and installing rain and lake level instrumentation.
3. Two illicit discharge reports were received and investigated. One was forwarded to SCDHEC.
1. Reviewed proposed 20 year wastewater plans from ReWa for Northern Anderson County.
2. Discussed proposed town home development in Powdersville with developer (32 units).
3. Reviewed submission for Rehab on Ingles in Powdersville.
4. Assisted consulting engineer with permitting for subdivision in Highway 86 area.
5. Discussed proposed town home/apartment complex development in Highway 76 area (150 units).
6. Performed 11 residential sewer tap inspections this week: 1 in The Enclave @ River Reserve, 2 in Rivendell, 2 in Pheasants Ridge, 4 in The Enclave @ Airy Springs, 1 in Three Bridges and 1 on Highway 81 North.

Animal Shelter
1. 1  Adoption Lead position open, 3 full time Animal Caretaker positions open, 4 part time Animal Caretaker positions open and a part time maintenance position open.
2. PAWS took in 107 animals this week (6 owner surrender, 5 returned, 76 from animal control (19 cats from a hoarding situation), and 21 stray animals).
3. We adopted out 22 animals, 3 died, 7 were euthanized due to illness or aggression, 1 owner requested euthanasia, 16 returned to their owner, 12 transferred to rescue groups.
4. The clinic did 11 spay/neuter surgeries (Monday only).
5. We received $470.97 cash donations and approximately $200 in supplies, toys, treats and food.
6. PAWS were recognized as an emerging leader in animal welfare at the Animal Care Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. We have been able to increase the save rate from 49% to 92% consistently in less than 6 months.  Other facilities are reaching out for help and advice on how to do the same!
7. We were able to save 93.5% of the animals in our care this week!