Pelzer Town Council revises budget during work session


By Stan Welch
Following four hours of review and questioning and simplification, the Pelzer Town Council achieved a balanced budget during a work session Tuesday night.
The process took a good bit of tweaking, with defunct and redundant accounts being eliminated or consolidated. Other figures provided for the budget which passed by title only on the first reading had to be significantly adjusted. The amount budgeted as revenue from  the town’s hospitality tax was shown as $43,000 in  that budget, but was reduced to $25,000 in the revised budget, when it was discovered that the higher figure was the cumulative revenues since the tax’s implementation.

Town Clerk Heather Holcombe will  be drafting the budget document for approval later this week. Mayor Steve McGregor said that a special called meeting might be convened to give final reading  before the first of the month. If not, the town will operate on its current budget until the second Tuesday in July, when the Council holds its regular monthly meeting.