Pelzer appoints interim clerk

By David Meade
On the second anniversary of the “New Pelzer”, town officials were meeting with residents and deciding what to do about an opening for town clerk, the only job position the town has left.
Paperwork necessary to finalize the annexation of the upper and lower mill villages was officially signed by the mayor and council on Saturday, July 18, 2015.
Two years later, in a brief  “emergency meeting”, Pelzer Town Council unanimously approved a motion by Kimberly Wilson to have Shane Black serve as interim clerk for the Town of Pelzer. Black currently serves as the Clerk of Court for West Pelzer.
The move came a day after Pelzer Town Clerk Heather Holcombe submitted a letter of resignation informing the Pelzer Town Council that she is resigning her position effective July 28. According to Holcombe, she was told later Monday by the mayor it would best if she left the position then.

An emergency meeting for council to act on the clerk position was held after an a public input session already scheduled for Tuesday.
During the input session which lasted over an hour, Linda Ford offered suggestions for beautification and Terry Davis and Bill Davis presented information about their plans for recreation.
After the input session, Mayor Steve McGregor opened the emergency meeting.  There was no discussion about the clerk situation other than McGregor saying that the clerk had resigned.
Before asking for a motion to name Black interim clerk, McGregor thanked West Pelzer “for helping us. They have been extremely cordial this past month.”
McGregor said it has been a real pleasure to work with Sanders and that West Pelzer would help with clerical duties on a temporary basis. He also said the town will be posting the job for a town clerk immediately.
Following the vote, McGregor said Black will be “helping us in the interim.”
McGregor then made comments starting with the statement that Pelzer is experiencing “growing pains.”
“Pelzer is two years old today,” McGregor said. “there has been a lot of growing pains”, which he said he and the councilmembers  “have found out together. This council has worked real hard and they have cared about Pelzer.”
Citing workshops the council began holding in 2016, including monthly and quarterly resident input meetings and meetings with representatives of the state Municipal Association, McGregor said town council and residents are learning a lot about establishing a new town.
“With a town this young, there are a lot of things people are learning. I’m learning,” he said.
McGregor praised the council and the help Pelzer has received from their sister town of West Pelzer.
“I’m grateful to West Pelzer folks for helping us out. I think we are going forward. We have tried to keep everybody informed as much as can be.”
Town of Pelzer residents and businesses will temporarily be able to pay their water bill in person at West Pelzer Town hall, located at 3 Hindman St.
All Pelzer residents will still be able to pay online at, by phone at 864-947-6231 option 3, or by using the dropbox located on the door at Pelzer Town Hall, 103 Courtney St.
Hospitality tax from businesses will be collected in person at West Pelzer Town  Hall.