Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Aug. 4 – Beverly Jean Gleaton, 61, 10 Circle St,. Williamston reported identity theft after a credit check showed a billing statement from Credit One Bank dated May/June 2016 indicated she owed $1,416.35. G. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 4 – Thane Shearl Steele, 57, 803 Tripp St., Williamston was arrested for possession of methamphetamine less than one gram after officers responded to 803 Tripp St., in reference to a suspicious person. According to reports, Steele told officers he was the owner of the residence and was getting it ready to rent. Officers asked for identification and when Steele took out his wallet, it contained a small clear plastic bag that had a crystal substance field tested positive as methamphetamine. Steele was transported to the ACDC. R. Maxwell, K. P. Evatt investigated.

Aug. 5 РChris Brewer of West Pelzer Police Department requested assistance after observing a vehicle at 9 Burkett St., with a tag reported stolen out of Greenville County. According to reports, the driver of the vehicle, Cory Chastain, had two active warrants with Williamston Police Dept. for receiving stolen goods and possession of methamphetamine. During the investigation, officers made contact with Hyrmina  Chastain who denied his grandson Cory was inside the residence. Mary Chastain, along with Jessicia Bagwell, who also had an active bench warrant with Williamston Police Dept., came from inside the residence. Bagwell was arrested. During the incident Hyrmina Chastain, referenced as Chastain II in the report, was tazed after continuing to be verbally abusive and taking a fighting stance with officers. Cory Chastain was located hiding in the front master bed room closet and was placed under arrest. Cory Chastain and Jessicia Bagwell were transported to ACDC without incident. L Buell, R. Drennon investigated.
Aug. 5 – Officers responded to 1 3rd Street in reference to a suspicious person. While looking for the person, a red Honda Accord was found with damage to the front axle. The driver stated he would be back in an hour to get the vehicle. After five hours the vehicle, which was blocking two driveways, was still sitting in the roadway. The vehicle was towed. R. Maxwell investigated.
Aug. 7 – Pamela Jo Burns, 58, 4 Hale St, Pelzer reported numerous incidents of financial transaction card fraud in which a total of $1700 was withdrawn from a Sun Trust Bank account. Detective G. Culbertson investigated.
July 26 – McDonalds, 4 Main St., Williamston reported a black male in a gold Honda attempted to pay for food valued at $8 with a counterfeit $20 bill. The unknown male drove off without incident and McDonalds did not lose any product. L. Buell investigated.
July 25 – Joanne Tollison Todd, 58, 5 Sunset Ct., Williamston reported a mailbox valued at $228 taken from the residence. Another mailbox was left on the edge of her property. M. Beeman investigated.
July 27 – Williamston Family Dental, 312 Williams St., Williamston reported an incident in which a medical procedure was paid for with a counterfeit check in the amount of $200 drawn on Wells Fargo Bank. The incident remains under investigation. L. Buell investigated.
July 27 – Tommy Ellison reported a window unit heat pump taken from a rental house at 316 East Carolina St. According to reports, there was extensive damage done to the window that the unit was removed from. The heat pump was valued at $860. Detective G. Culbertson investigated.
July 27 – Patricia Ashley Ellison, 33, 13 Circle Dr., Williamston reported two white rabbits taken from a cage on the front porch. The rabbits were valued at $50. M. Beeman investigated.
July 29 – Officers responded to the Dollar General, 526 West Main St., Williamston in reference to an elderly man trying to pay for groceries with a counterfeit $100 bill. According to reports, the man stated he may have obtained the bill from a bank or credit advancement company. The report indicated the man cooperated with officers and that the clerk and officers did not have probable cause to believe the man knew the bill was fake. The incident remains under investigation. B. K. Creel investigated.