Pelzer, West Pelzer to meet Thursday on REWA


The Town of Pelzer and the Town of West Pelzer will hold a special called meeting at the Pelzer Community Building on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m.
Agenda calls for the joint town councils to consider a Memorandum of Understanding with ReWa for Acquisition of Sewer Infrastructure.
An executive session is on the agenda if required.
There will also be discussion of a ReWa Contractual Agreement.
Representatives of Renewable Water Resources (REWA) met with Pelzer in December of 2016 and presented information and offered to do a feasibility study on the town’s system to evaluate options.
They also met with West Pelzer officials.
In January of 2017, Pelzer Town Council approved moving forward on the feasibility study with Renewable Water Resources (REWA) to determine if there were possible benefits for the town and REWA if it were to take over the town’s sewer system and manage the lift station.
West Pelzer officials also expressed interest in the possibility of REWA taking over their sewer system.
The feasibility study included looking at sewer collection lines, pump stations and revenue streams.
Both towns have made significant improvements to their individual systems in recent years and both systems are connected and currently pump waste water to REWA’s Piedmont Plant for treatment.
The two towns combined their sewer departments in February.