West Pelzer to reduce tax millage rate


By Stan Welch
West Pelzer Town Council addressed several issues, including approving a reduction of the town’s tax millage during their regular monthly meeting held last Monday. The millage, which was ninety six, was reduced two mills to ninety four. Mayor Blake Sanders explained that the reduction was made possible by a two per cent growth in the town’s tax base. “Essentially, everyone’s taxes will remain the same, rather than increasing, due to the growth in the town.”
The town also received a report from the Planning Commission which, at the mayor’s request, explored alternatives to the practice of burning leaves and yard debris. “I asked them to explore every possibility, including the cost of buying a truck and hiring someone to operate it. But they found no satisfactory alternatives, so for now, we will continue under our burn ordinance. As of November 1, leaves and debris can be burned on the first and third Saturday of the month.”
The Council will also consider an ordinance governing food vending trucks in the town. That ordinance, along with the town’s fireworks ordinance will be considered at the November meeting.
Sanders also stated that on Thursday, Oct.19 the town councils of Pelzer and West Pelzer will meet jointly to consider the benefits and consequences of selling their sewer lines to ReWa. Sanders said he will be making a presentation which he says will result in significant savings on the water bills of both town’s citizens.
“I think the sale of the sewer system will result in savings of around fifteen dollars a month for West Pelzer residents, and as much as eighteen to twenty dollars for Pelzer residents, since they have more customers and more line footage in their system.”
Sanders, who has been working with ReWa and their accountants and lawyers to prepare for this action, said the two towns would have to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enter into the agreement.
The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday night at the community building.