Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects:
Building and Codes
1. PERMITS SUBMITTED: 13 New Single-Family Dwelling; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 2 Swimming Pool; 5 Demolition; 81 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 10 Residential Solar Panel; 4 Commercial Including: Shane’s Rib Shack Up-Fit, 2-Pennington Farm Sign’s, Electrical for Charter Site #SCSTA002; 12 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
2. DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: CubeSmart Self Storage on Hwy 81 North, First Quality Electrical Swithgear Modular Building, Krut LED Warehouse located off Liberty Hwy, O’Reilly Auto Parts Solar Panel Installation located off Old River Rd and Various resubmittals
3. Did You Know: A homeowner cannot set-up a Manufactured Home in the State of SC as Owner- Builder.  Manufactured homes must be installed by a SC Licensed Installer…. Unlike building a home that complies with the International Residential Code, a homeowner can pull all the permits and do all the work themselves.
Development Standards
Dolly Cooper Park Improvement
St. Andrews Townhomes
Heritage Trace Apartments located on Highway 153 Powdersville

Illegal signs located on Highway 153

Roads & Bridges
1. Bridge Crew performed maintenance on Saluda Drive Bridge.
2. Grading Crews worked on Lollis Road Culvert Replacement and assisted P.A.W.S. in leveling area for placement of storage containers.
3. Asphalt Crews assisted Wastewater Department with repairing driveway to pump station and repaired and replaced driveway aprons.
4. Ditching and piping crews replaced driveway pipes and performed ditch maintenance.
5. Vegetation Crews continued trimming and mowing throughout the county.
6. Sign Crews assisted the Parks and Recreation Department with BASS Nation fishing tournament and performed routine maintenance.
7. Submitted application to SCDHEC for stormwater permit for Hopewell Road Relocation Project.
8. Submitted plans to SCDOT for the Welcome to Anderson Sign.
9. Approved plans for Woodland Hills Subdivision and Smith Mill Road Townhomes.
10. Roads and Bridges Department employees received training in Achieving Customer Service Excellence.
11. On-call crew received 0 after-hours call-outs.
1. Manager conducted a conference call with Duke Energy representatives to discuss review comments for a major modification to the W.S. Lee Coal Combustion Residuals Management Program permit.
2. Received a new application for TTI’s Innovation Center.
3. Received resubmittal for Electrolux major modification.
4. Reviews were conducted for Upstate Industrial – Oppermann Warehouse, Lots 15 & 16 (3rd) and E & I Engineering – 2017 Expansion (1st).
5. Did you know: Polluted stormwater is the primary source of water pollution, and sediment is the number one pollutant in stormwater
1. The Town of Iva made  a payment of $7,288.84 toward their sewer debt, current balance is $693,856.41

Animal Shelter
1. Able to save 94% of the animals in our care this week.
2. INTAKES:  141 (14 owner surrender, 1 return adoptions, 64 from animal control, 62 strays and 0 transferred in from other agencies).
3. OUTCOMES:   66 animals adopted, 3 died, 5 were euthanized for illness, 3 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 23 were returned to their owners and 7 were sent to rescue
4. Clinic performed 109 spay/neuter surgeries.
5. There are currently 177 large dogs, 17 small dogs, 36 puppies, 41 cats and 74 kittens in the facility.
6. Out of those 345 animals 221 are currently available for adoption or rescue.
7. 127 of those animals are currently spayed or neutered. That is 57.5%
8. PAWS received $555.37 in cash donations and approximately $150 worth of food and supplies.