Municipal Center Auditorium gets major upgrades


Williamston Mayor Mack Durham points out recent improvements made in the recently renovated Municipal Center Auditorium. Durham said he hopes the renovated facililty “will host events and create a downtown buzz.” Work on the facility included removing the old bleachers, extending the wood floor where the old bleachers were, adding wainscoat, columns, trim and new paint. Improvements also include electrical upgrades, new lighting and curtains. The entire wood floor was also sanded and stained.
Two new storage areas, one on each side, were added in the back of the facility for storing tables, chairs and other items. The storage areas were also constructed so they could possible be used for a sound booth for events in the future.
Mayor Durham said he plans to eventually include a sink base and serving station at the rear of the auditorium. “The improvement of this space is a part of a three prong effort to reinvent downtown beyond what the Main Street Envision Williamston program is doing,” Durham said.