Powdersville Zoning Petition turned in



By Stan Welch
Those Powdersville residents who favor putting the question of zoning in the Powdersville and Concrete voting precincts to a referendum submitted the signatures required to advance the process.
Bobby James, one of those spearheading the petition drive, confirmed that the required signatures, as well as a contingency to allow for some disqualifications, were submitted to the voter’s registration office prior to the February 8 deadline. Fifteen per cent of the registered voters in each of the two precincts were required, or approximately nine hundred signatures total.
“We naturally obtained enough additional signatures to negate any disqualified signatures, as a precaution,” said James. James said that the Powdersville area needs a larger voice in the county. “Many of us feel that this area deserves more of a voice in the county. The impact of this area’s growth would seem to indicate that. The county has said that if zoning passes, a six member steering committee will be formed, with three members from each of the two precincts.”
“I would like to be on that committee, but at the very least, I would not anticipate anyone who opposed zoning to be appointed. Why would you put someone on the committee who doesn’t believe in the process you are undertaking? That makes no sense whatsoever.”
James said that zoning is not some silver bullet to solve all the problems that come with a growth rate three times that of the rest of the county. “It is a starting point, some way to address these issues and hopefully gain some control over this situation.”
Justin Williams, another leader of the petition drive, added that the election commission has sixty days to verify the signatures and proceed with the steps necessary to place the issue as a referendum for the May special elections coming up.