Osborne to be tried as an adult in Townville Elementary School Shooting


After a hearing which lasted throughout the week last week, Judge Edgar Long granted the State’s Motion to have Townville Elementary shooting defendant Jesse Osborne waived up as an adult to the Court of General Sessions.
Tenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor David R. Wagner said he is now facing a minimum sentence of 30 years and a maximum life sentence for his murder and attempted murder charges.
“We are very pleased with the outcome of this week’s hearing. Thanks to the hard work of all of the many agencies involved in this ongoing investigation who prepared for this hearing, particularly the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI,” Wagner said. “I also want to thank my attorneys and staff, and the Courthouse staff and security, including Anderson County Emergency Command. The people of Townville have shown this week what it means to be “Townville strong” as they listened to the testimony and supported each other. Our hearts continue to be with them as we move forward to the next phase of this long process,” said Solicitor Wagner following the Court’s decision.