Anderson County Council recognizes Career & Technology Center for achievements


By Stan Welch
The Anderson County Council passed a resolution Tuesday night recognizing the extraordinary achievements of the Anderson County Career Center for Districts One and Two.
The Career Center established a radio station in 2012, WPPB The Pulse. Last October, the station competed in the Terri Hemmett High School Radio and Audio Awards competition in Chicago. They won five first place awards, and twelve awards overall.
Earlier this year, they competed at the 78th Intercollegiate Broadcast System Student Media Conference and Awards in New York City, where they surpassed even their earlier performance. They were named finalists in fifteen different categories, winning first place in twelve of them. The station was also named the Best High School Station of the Year.
The Council also passed a resolution honoring the West Pelzer Fire Department for fifty five years of public service to the community.
In other business, the council moved several zoning requests forward, as well as various measures designed to support the county’s economic development efforts.
District Seven Councilwoman Cindy Wilson reported on several developments concerning issues in the Cheddar community. First was the concerns about the heavy truck traffic in the area, due to the tank farm, and the Anderson Regional Landfill. Wilson reported that a recommendation has been made to the tanker operators, and the state trucking association that only empty tankers be routed onto Murphy Road, the site of several tanker rollovers in recent months.
“The accidents have all happened due to loaded tankers on Murphy Road, running too fast,” said Wilson. We have suggested that the loaded tankers go into Belton and turn onto Highway 247 there. Which is much safer.” She also reported that SCDOT officials have announced there will be no further reductions to the speed limit on Big Creek Road.
“The county, however, will be placing flashing signs that show a vehicle’s speed. These have been found to be effective in other locations,” said Wilson. A guard rail will be installed on a stretch of Big Creek road in the coming months .
She also reported that negotiations continue for a contract with ARL. The issues surrounding the use of pulp material from the First Quality paper producing facility are at the center of those negotiations.