Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following:
Apr. 24 – Officers were dispatched to 19 Parker St. in reference to a harassment incident. Shianne Danielle Palmer, 20, 19 Parker St., Williamston reported a red GMC pickup truck driving down Parker Street, stopping in front of the residence and revving the engine and yelling obscenities. R. Maxwell investigated.
Apr. 23 – Tracy Wallace, 136 Royal Dr., Williamston reported he received a $5 bill he believed was counterfeit from a local convenience store. The bill was turned in to the WPD. Reserve E. J. Thompson took the report.
Apr. 26 – Thomas Joseph Mussen, 26, 143 Middleton Blvd., Williamston reported an assault at 141 Middleton. No additional information provided. Sgt. L. E. Mulz, C. C. Brown investigated.
Apr. 27 – Connie Fowler, 48, 117 Terrapin Dr., Williamston flagged down Officer Brown on East Carolina St. in reference to a larceny. According to reports, Fowler stated she had given a ride to a black male named Larry to Tripp St., and then to Jehue St. The man then said he would give her some money for gas and asked for change for a $50 bill. When Fowler went to get the money out the subject grabbed her money, approximately $70, and ran. C. C. Brown investigated.
Apr. 30 – April Denice Greenway, 38, 13 Terrapin Dr., Williamston was arrested for driving under suspension and operating an uninsured vehicle after officers observed a 2003 grey Mitsubishi Eclipse make an illegal left turn from the PHS Freshman Academy exit onto Hamilton St., failing to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. C. Samuel investigated.
Apr. 30 – Officers responded to 20 Circle Drive in reference to a domestic incident in which there was an assault involving three victims. According to reports, the incident involved a mother, two sisters and a brother. The incident remains under investigation. K. Anthony, C. C. Brown investigated.