Greenville County Sheriff seeing increased SCAM complaints


The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office has experienced a significant increase in SCAM complaints. Many of these phone scams consist of citizens receiving a phone call from an individual claiming to be a Sheriff’s Deputy and who proceeds to make a false claim about the citizen missing court or jury duty. The scammers then demand payment over the phone in order to keep from executing an arrest warrant. Many of these scams have a very “authentic feel” about them, even naming actual Sheriff Deputies by name. Many others have had an automated answering service when you call them back and a phony receptionist who fields the calls.
The GCSO will NEVER make such phone calls involving a demand or request for money. “We want to encourage residents to never give out personal information over the phone, with people they do not recognize. If they receive a phone call from an individual representing themselves as a Sheriff’s Deputy and requesting money, we ask that they hang up and call 271-5210 to file a police report,” a GCSO spokesperson said.