Williamston Codes Enforcement addresses 21 complaints


Town of Williamston Codes Enforcement liaizon Debbie Chapman reported the following codes department update for April:
This month there have been 21 complaints ranging from trashy yards, junk vehicles, overgrown shrubs, tall grass and weeds to an appliance left in a yard.
Twelve Certified letters were mailed and number of phone calls made to property owners, landlords or tenants regarding these issues. 10 business days to comply were given. These will be followed up and a ticket issued if compliance is not met.
4 light street light issues were reported and 8 were repaired from the last reporting period.
One seriously delinquent business license holder was reached out to and given a time to comply.
A work order to repair pot holes in the road on W 2nd St. was written
No tickets were issued in April and the three that were issued in March were brought into compliance before the court date, resolving the issues.
Chapman said, “It was good to see everyone who came out to help us with Howdy Day. It’s always great to see a community come together. We hope that the flowers we planted will bring joy throughout the season. We planted approximately 30 flats of varying types of flowers.”
“ I would also like to thank Anderson Career and Technology Center Horticulture class and their teacher Audie Green for their role each year in assisting us with these flowers,” Chapman said. “They do a great job of growing them and they allow us to purchase in bulk at a great price.”