Williamston Police Report


Williamson Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
May 1 – Holly Marie Owings, 34, 3009 Cambridge Rd., Anderson was issued a summons for uninsured vehicle after a suspicious vehicle was observed behind O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store located on East Main Street. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
May 1 – Frank E. Culp, 47, 356 W. Main St., Williamston reported a red Honda push lawn mower stolen from his residence. The mower was valued at $400. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
May 4 – Zachary Aaron Hare Poole, 29, 313 Grigs Rd., Six Mile, was arrested for open container and receiving stolen goods after the driver of a black Chevy Trailblazer was observed without his seatbelt on. During the investigation, officers found several open containers of beer, brass knuckles, a Blackhill Knife, a Stiletto knife, a Deer Antler knife a used needle and $700 in counterfeit money.
Two of the three occupants in the vehicle were arrested. Poole was charged with open container and issued a warrant for receiving stolen goods, because the vehicle he was driving was reported stolen in Oconee County.
A person identified as Mr. Pearson was arrested and charged with open container. A third person identified as Travis Morrow Alexander, 31, was released from the scene. Poole and Pearson were arrested and transported to ACDC without incident. K. Anthony investigated.
May 5 – Geraldine Elizabeth Weathers, 59, 19 Lander St., Williamston reported a tag stolen from a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier SD. B. K. Creel investigated.
May 5 – Chloe Elizabeth Mackendree, 23, 15 Frost St., Pelzer was arrested for open container and unlawful carry of a firearm after officers observed a black Crown Victoria following a truck too closely on East Main St. Mackendree was a passenger in the vehicle. According to reports, a baggie containing a green leafy plant like material consistent with marijuana was found in the front seat area. An open can of Budlight beer and a black Glock 23C .40 pistol were found in a pocketbook belonging to Mackendree, who was in the back seat. The driver of the vehicle, Dakota Smith was charged with public drunkeness and following too closely. A passenger who was in the front seat, Kameron Smith was charged with simple possession of marijuana and Mckendree was charged with possession of marijuana. All three were placed under arrest and then transported to ACDC without incident. K. Anthony investigated.
May 6 – Kimberly Renee Keeler, 56, 199 Mil St., #14, Pelzer reported an assault incident that occurred in the lot across from 10 Circle Dr. According to reports, a named individual attempted to pull a friend, which Keeler was holding onto, out of the car. He then struck Keeler in the face several times. R. Maxwell investigated.
May 7 – Sean Deric Smith, 35, 114 Edgewood Dr., Williamston reported a 2002 Ford Mustang convertible stolen from his driveway. The vehicle is described as having a tan convertible top, chrome Clemson Tiger Paw plate on front and Clemson decal on the rear. The vehicle is valued at $6000. Det. G. Culbertson investigated.