West Pelzer changes July meeting date


By David Meade
During their meeting Tuesday, West Pelzer Town Council moved their July meeting date to Tuesday, July 10 due to the July 4th holiday and heard comments about the sewer system from former councilmember Jimmy Jeanes.
In her report, Clerk Paula Payton said the Palmetto Business Association will meet Tuesday, June 19 at 6 p.m. for an After Hours meeting at Williamston Town Hall.
She also announced that the West Pelzer Police Department will host the Anderson County Police Chiefs’ Association Meeting.
Crime stats for May included 32 reports, 24 arrests, 180 tickets written and 102 warning written.
The West Pelzer Fire Department had 18 calls for service.
Payton said that a recent fundraiser for the West Pelzer Fire Department brought in $930.70.
In the Public Works report, Payton said 21 work orders were completed in May for West Pelzer and the town is waiting on final inspection from USDA on the RDA Phase II sewer project and final payout.
In the final update on the Joint Public Works Department with Pelzer, 43 work orders were completed in April in Pelzer and one meter replaced. The last day of service was Friday, June 1.
Payton said all Pelzer property was returned to Pelzer Town Hall and signed off by Pelzer Mayor Roger Scott.
She said Mayor Scott requested a printout of the final meter readings for Pelzer. Jeff Pearson provided the list to the mayor on Monday, June 4.
The West Pelzer Public Works Department was relocated to town hall at 30 Main Street, a move that will result in savings of approximately $2,800.
Mayor Blake Sanders said that the recently approved budget will be amended in July to reflect removing Pelzer.
In the only official action of the evening, Council unanimously approved moving the July meeting to Tuesday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m. The vote was 4-0 with councilmember Donnie Jeanes not present.
During Council comments, Councilman Johnny Rogers suggested that the town have some type of logo painted on the water tank. He also asked about placing new town limit signs at Holliday, Dendy and Railroad Streets and replacing two faded stop signs.
Councilwoman Vickie Farmer asked about signs for crosswalks and the burn ordinance.
Mayor Sanders said that signs had been ordered for the crosswalks and he is looking into having the crosswalks painted.
Councilman Jim Riddle asked about placing directional signs at the entrance/exit of parking at town hall. He also asked about the number of trucks being stopped, stating that he did not see as many trucks as cars being stopped.
Police Chief Brewer said traffic is enforced the same for trucks and cars.
Mayor Sanders announced a Dog Days of Summer event on July 21 which will include a car show and other activities including the opening of a new restaurant.
In the most serious discussion of the evening, former councilman Jimmy Jeanes stated that the town was making a mistake selling their sewer system to ReWa. “I think it is worth more,” he said.
Jeanes said that ReWa made the first proposal and the town accepted it. “I think it is the worst thing that has happened to the town.”
Jeanes went on to say that he believes ReWa will require new service lines for many residents and that it “will be a burden to the people of West Pelzer.”
He also said that Pelzer is not selling their system.
During a council meeting in December, Jeanes told the town that he is consulting Pelzer on their sewer.
Mayor Sanders responded, “We are not dependent on Pelzer and will do what is best for West Pelzer and West Pelzer only.”