Pelzer approves budget, public works agreement extension


By Stan Welch
Pelzer Town Council voted Monday night to put some oil on the troubled waters between them and West Pelzer by extending the 55%/45% public works agreement for four months, or until a new deal is negotiated, whichever comes first. (See related story)
The vote replaced an anticipated vote to table West Pelzer mayor Blake Sanders’ request for a vote affirming the split payment agreement. Pelzer Mayor Roger Scott had extended an olive branch to Sanders earlier in the day; an offer quickly and happily accepted by Sanders.
In other business, council approved first reading on a budget and tabled two other actions.
Council first tabled a motion to make River Street one way. Mayor Scott said that they decided to delay that vote while residents of the street are surveyed as to their wishes. Also tabled was the issue of whether or not to renew the town’s lease agreement with American Tower on the cell tower.
The proposed budget received first reading approval. The budget has few, though significant, changes. In the general fund, increased revenues in the amount of almost twelve thousand dollars are expected from increased rentals of town facilities. Franchise fees are anticipated to rise by approximately four thousand dollars.
The largest increases in revenues are expected in the water and sewer fund, where total income is expected to skyrocket by some sixty three thousand dollars; almost totally as a result of increased billing.
Reductions in general fund expenses are expected, with a twelve thousand dollar savings in salary and benefits for the town’s one full time administrative employee. Street light costs are shown as falling by some nine thousand dollars, or almost thirty three per cent. Six thousand dollars of those savings will go to pay an increase in professional services.
A public hearing is required before second reading of the budget.

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