Primary Election turnout low


By Stan Welch
Turnout for primary voting on Tuesday was very light across Anderson County. Winners names you probably recognize are Brian White, Jay West, Craig Gagnon and Martha Newton. According to Anderson County elections, turnout was 18.6 per cent. Approximately eighteen thousand and six hundred people voted Republican, while around four thousand six hundred voted in the Democratic primary.
In Anderson County, results for the Democratic primary race for Governor, James Smith garnered 2579 votes; Marguerite Willis 1424 votes and Phil Noble 581 votes; .
The race for Governor in the Republican primary went like this. Kevin Bryant 4187 votes; Yancey McGill 167 votes; incumbent Henry McMaster 8162 votes; Catherine Templeton 2436 votes and John Warren 5317 votes.
The Republican primary for Secretary of State included Nelson Faerber 2797 votes; incumbent Mark Hammond 8162 votes; Joshua Putnam 5021 votes; Kerry Wood 1294 votes.
The Republican primary for the post of attorney general saw incumbent Alan Wilson garner 7890 votes, followed by Todd Atwater with 5189 and William Herlong with 4241 votes.
The Democrats primary race for the U.S. House (District 3) saw Hosea Cleveland garner 1069 votes, compared to 3405 for Mary Geren.
Several state House of Representative races took place on the Republican side, beginning with District Six, where incumbent Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Brian White soundly defeated newcomer Rick Freemantle by a margin of 3056 votes to 1152.
In the District Seven race, Dennis Ted Grindstaff gathered 565 votes to 2306 for Jay West. Jonathon Hill held his District Eight seat by defeating Don Bowen again, by a margin of 2152 votes to 1315. The District Eleven race went to Craig Gagnon, with 381 votes to 297 for Dale Phillips.
Incumbent Anderson County probate judge Martha Newton defeated challenger Dan Sharp by a margin of 9527 votes to Dan Sharp’s 7989.
Two county council seats were up for grabs. Brett Sanders dominated the District Four race with 2257 votes to Glenn Buddin, Jr. with 959 votes and Frank Pressly with 247.
The evening’s closest race by far was the District Six council race between incumbent Ken Waters and newcomer Jimmy Davis, who edged Waters by just 44 votes, 1549 to 1505. Expressed in percentages of the votes, Davis had 50.72%, while waters had 49.28%