Pelzer to hold public hearing on adopting ordinances


Pelzer Town Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 14, at 6:30 P.M. to receive public comments on the adoption of several county ordinances. First reading has already been held on the ordinances which address the discharging of firearms, manufactured homes, unfit dwellings, a grass ordinance, hours for public use of the park, open burning, a livestock ordinance and a curfew for minors.
The county ordinances must be adopted verbatim, without amendment and if approved, will be the first ordinances adopted by the town to address the problems.
The meeting will be held at at the Pelzer Community Building, 2 Mills Street, Pelzer.
Included are:
Ordinance No 2018-0731 “Town of Pelzer adoption of attached Anderson County Codes/Ordinances for the purpose of enforcement by Anderson County Sheriff Department”
Ordinance No. 2018-0731.1 “Adoption of Anderson County Ordinance – Building Codes & Regulations including Unfit Dwellings”
Ordinance No. 2018-0731.2 “Adoption of Anderson County Ordinance – Manufactured Homes & Parks”
Ordinance No. 2018-0731.3 “Adoption of Anderson County Ordinance – Litter”
Ordinance No. 2018-0731.4 “Adoption of Anderson County Ordinance – Junkyards and open storage, including vehicles”
Ordinance No. 2018-071.5 “Adoption of Anderson County Ordinance – Weeds and Rank Vegetation”