West Pelzer police see increase in drug arrests


By David Meade
Over the last forty-five days, the West Pelzer Police Department has made a number of arrests involving fairly large quantities of methamphetamine, according to West Pelzer Police Chief Chris Brewer.
Chief Brewer said the department has confiscated approximately 130 grams of meth in various incidents, most on traffic stops on Hwy. 8.
“They are passing through our jurisdiction on the way to Pelzer, Greenville and Laurens County,” Chief Brewer said.
He said the opioid epidemic is getting so much worse. “We are seeing more, from all walks of life, unfortunately getting addicted to the substances. We are seeing a barrage of addicts becoming indentured servants to these that are making it,” Brewer said.
The department is averaging three drug arrests per month in addition to other drug related violations such as possession of drug paraphernalia. There have been 23 drug related felony arrests, most since May, according to Chief Brewer. Most have been pass through traffic,” he said.
Of the recent arrests made in West Pelzer for possession for personal use, only one person lived in the town, Brewer said.
In addition to the drug arrests, Chief Brewer said the department has recovered several stolen vehicles