School District One sees increase in student enrollment


Anderson School District One saw an increase of 58 students for the opening of school this year and is expecting that number to double. District One Superintendent Robbie Binnicker reported that the first day and week of school went very well. “We had a great opening,” Binnicker said. “The opening session went very well and the staff development sessions did also.”
Binnicker said there were no issues at any of the schools. “It was a really smooth opening,” he said.
A new traffic pattern at Powdersville helped tremendously in that area and in Williamston, the drivers made adjustments for the Minor Street closure.
Binnicker showed a video taken last Friday on the new “Havird Way” connector that was constructed to help alleviate traffic congestion between the three Powdersville schools.
The new roadway apparently did help with traffic flow, as the video, taken around 7:38 a.m. showed light traffic on the new road and on Hood Road.
According to Binnicker, Hood Road, which connects Powdersville Elementary, Powdersville Middle and Powdersville High, “is typically congested” and “would be stacked 40 to 50 cars from the Middle School to the Elementary School and gridlocked.”
“Thanks to the Board for providing the funds to make that happen,” he said. “There is no doubt it is a ton better than before.”
Binnicker said that on the fifth day of school, the District had 10,159 students enrolled. Last year on the 135th day, the district had 10,101 students.
He said the District is on track for an estimated increase of 100 to 150 new students this year.
Due to growth in the Powdersville area, two portables were needed this year. One portable was placed at Spearman Elementary and the other at Powdersville Middle.
Growth in the district and projected building needs were discussed later during a presentation by representatives of M. B. Kahn, the District’s architectural and construction management firm.
The District is planning for replacement of Palmetto Middle and Wren Middle schools, and upgrades and additions at other schools over the next five to ten years. (See separate story)