Williamston Police Report


Williamston police officers investigated several forgery incidents and break-ins recently. Among incidents investigated were the following:
Aug. 8 – Williamston police are investigating a possible forgery incident in which a $5000 check was cashed. According to reports, an employee at Cash Time, 8 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a black female with a Belton address, presented a notarized power of attorney giving the subject permission to cash a $5000 check made out to A. Poore. The incident remains under investigation. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 15 – Cash Time, 8 Greenville Drive, Williamston reported a white female with a Williamston address presented a $1500 check in February to be drawn on Republic Bank. On Feb. 19, Cash Time received notification that the check had already been cashed and deposited via electronic deposit before the subject came to the business. The incident remains under investigation. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 15 – Brandi Leigh Semones, 27, 104 Brandi Ln. Williamston reported her estranged husband took her check book and cashed a check in the amount of $200 at First Citizens bank with a forged signature. Reporting officer will speak with a judge about the incident. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 17 – Jason Webb Jr., 39, 213 W. Union Dr., #B, Belton was arrested for trespass after notice after officers observe him sitting in a parking spot outside Fast Fuel, 207 W. Main St. K. Anthony investigated.
Aug. 17 – Jared David Tierce, 17, 2639 Anderson Highway, Williamston was arrested for malicious injury after attempting to force entry into Narrow Way Church at 808 Anderson Drive. According to reports, while attempting to gain entry, he had been cut and was being provided treatment by EMS. . Tierce was issued a UTT for malicious injury and transported to AnMed for treatment. Damage to the building was estimated at $1800. Det. G. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 18 – Sally Faye Williams, 56, 18 Brown St., Williamston reported a break-in/vandalism incident in which a window next to the front door was damaged. Officers observed broken glass on the floor of the front porch but did not see any items that would have caused the incident. Damage was estimated at $200. C. C. Brown investigated.
Aug. 19 – Trevor Bryant Lollis, 24, 301 Skyland Dr., Belton reported a license plate stolen from a white 1998 Ford Ranger while the car was parked at 110 Gray Drive. The tag is valued at $40. Det. G. Culbertson investigated.
Aug. 21 – Billy Ray Chapman, Jr., 44, 100 Hillcrest Ct., Anderson reported a drop cord running from the power box of his residence to 11 Circle Dr. According to reports, the 11 Circle Dr. address has no power or water. Officers advised the owner, Roy Anthony Shaw, that no one could stay in the house until water was turned back on. A Colt Lamar Poore was in an inside bedroom where the cord was run into the house. Officers were to speak with a judge to obtain a warrant. The incident remains under investigation. D. Hart investigated.
Aug. 24 – Angel Rocha Canizales, 28, 28 Traxler Ave., Williamston was arrested for driving without a SC drivers license, manner of driving and expired vehicle license after a dark color SUV was observed on Greenville Drive traveling at a high rate of speed. According to reports the vehicle was going 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver had no drivers license but did have a Mexican ID card. He was transported to ACDC without incident. Reserve A. Davis, R. Maxwell investigated.
Aug. 24 – Dusty Travis Stull, 22, 827 Beech Spring Rd., Pelzer was arrested for possession of methamphetamines after a black Ford Expedition was observed at a residence that has no running water. According to reports, there were three individuals in the vehicle parked at 11 Circle Dr.. When Stull stepped from the rear passenger seat of the vehicle, a small white and red purse fell from his midsection. Inside the purse was a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana, a glass vial that contained a clear crystal like substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine. R. Maxwell, Reserve A. Davis investigated.
Aug. 24 – Katie Truland, 67, 602 Williams St., Williamston reported the front left window closest to the front door broken. Damage was estimated at $50. D. Hart investigated.
Aug. 24 – Kelsey Elizabeth Hayner, 26, 34 Ridge Ct., Williamston reported receiving harassing text messages and continued to receive numerous unwanted text messages after texting the suspect to stop. The unwanted messages continued while officers were still on the scene. A warrant is being sought on the suspect for unlawful communication. K. Anthony investigated.
Aug. 25 – While responding to a civil dispute at 14 Shirley Drive, officers were notified that the incident changed to a fight while officers were enroute. According to reports, Blakely Heath Whiteside had been riding down the street on an ATV at a high rate of speed and a neighbor, Jeffrey Dwayne Newsome, 39, 8 Shirley Dr., threw a beer can and struck Whiteside in the neck. John Whiteside and Blakely Whiteside, both of 18 Shirley St., then went to the Newsome address at 8 Shirley drive and confronted Newsome. Words were exchanged. John Whiteside and Newsome then struck each other in the face several times with closed fists and wrestled to the ground. Both subjects gave the same story and neither wanted to press charges. Complaint withdrawal forms were signed by all three victims. D. Hart, K. Anthony investigated.
Aug. 27 – Burger King, 905 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a counterfeit $20 bill passed at the restaurant. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.