Anderson School District One students above State average on test scores


The South Carolina State Department recently released scores on state tests: SC Ready (ELA and math and SCPASS (science and social studies) for grades three to eight.
Anderson School District One students performed well on the third year of the state assessment and the first year of online testing for all students.
“We were very pleased with our test scores for 2017,” said Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Anderson One. “We saw score increases in every grade three to eight in ELA and in every grade except eighth for math.”
District One students also did well with online testing.
“With the implementation of 1:1 technology in 2013, our students were comfortable testing on a device they use everyday,” Harrison said. “Our growth is a combined effort of instructional leadership provided by the administrators, teachers that are experts in their field, students that are hard-working and involved parents. Quality professional development has been a key in making instructional improvements. We are never satisfied unless we are growing academically.”
Anderson School District One Superintendent Robbie Binnicker stated, “I am very proud of our assessment results. Anderson One continues to provide an excellent learning environment through the hard work and dedication of our teachers, administrators, students, and parents.”
Anderson District One Scores (Meets or Exceeds) for 2017
SCReady. Comparitive test results for grades three through eight were as follows:
State A1 State A1
3 45.2 55.8 55.7 70.9
4 43.9 57.3 48.1 67.4
5 38.9 51.2 45.2 58.5
6 39.9 54.7 42.6 63.2
7 40.1 51.0 34.9 56.5
8 39.2 50.4 36.6 52.5

SCReady Highlights:
ELA improved at every grade level on the 2018 SCReady test.
4th grade ELA was 3rd in the state.
Math improved at every grade level except 8th.
3rd grade and 7th grade math was 3rd in the state.
4th grade math was 4th in the state.
6th grade and 8th grade math was 5th in the state.
Every grade placed 8th in the state or higher.
Anderson One students by grade beat the state results on every test in ELA and math.

On SCPASS scores on science and social studies were:
Grade 4 Grade 6 Grade 8
State 49.8 47.7 48.7
Anderson 1 63.5 60.9 49.4
Grade 5 Grade 7
State 69.9 66.4
Anderson 1 82.5 77.8

Anderson One students by grade level beat the state results on every grade level for Science and Social Studies.