Williamston Town Council hears project updates during worksession


Williamston Town Council is taking a second look at changes to the town’s rear setback limits for Multi-Family Residential construction.
At their August meeting, Council approved first reading on changes to the town zoning ordinances, based on a recommendation by the town’s planning commission.
The ordinance currently has a 25 feet setback for large lots identified as R1; R2 is 15 feet and R3 is 15 feet.
According to the town attorney, the recommendation for the change was made to bring the setback requirements into line for all three housing categories, single family (R1), two family (R2)and multi family (MFR).
In the new ordinance, minimum building setbacks are Front 25’; Side 5’; Rear changes from 25’ to 15’.The issue was discussed during a work session Tuesday.
According to Mayor Mack Durham, the review on the setback limit is the result of a developer’s appeal on the current ordinance and complaints from an adjacent property owner who says the change will result in flooding on his property.
Durham said he wants to discuss the issue further with town attorney Lee Cole, prior to the second reading.
He also said the council doesn’t want to circumvent a recent decision made by the appeals board of the town’s planning commission.
The issue was to be on the agenda for the council meeting Monday, but will likely be tabled until the next meeting.
Council also discussed funding for the annual Martin Luther King Jr., event held in January.
Mayor Durham gave brief updates on several projects including a small water project, easements for a sewer project on Belton Drive, and the Minor Street sinkhole bridge.
Durham said the Minor Street project is now scheduled to be completed by mid-December.
A sidewalk project on Minor Street, linking the Municipal Center Parking lot to the ballfields is slated for next summer.
There was brief discussion about removing Bradford Pear trees from the Masonic Lodge property to allow for additional parking. The Masons allow the property to be used for parking during festivals and events.