Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported working on the following projects around Anderson County:

Building and Codes
·       Met with Development Standards to review plans submitted for new homes in a PD (Planned Development). Drawings were incomplete and are required to be re-submitted.
·       PERMITS SUBMITTED: 15 Single-Family Dwellings; 8 Addition/Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 4 Residential Swimming Pools; 3 Demolition; 1 Replacement; 13 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 2 Residential Solar; 5 Commercial Including: Electrical Service for Irrigation System, 4 Electrical Permits for new Service at Existing Apartment Complex; 11 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       DRAWINGS SUBMITTED:  Carwash Office/Store Room Up-Fit in Pendleton, Element Materials Technology Up-Fit located of Shiloh Church Rd in Piedmont, MIP Inc. Solar Panels on Warehouse located of Elrod Rd in Piedmont and Various Resubmittals
·       September Stats:
o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 16% Compared to September 2017 (83 to 70)
o   Revenue down 12% Compared to September 2017 ($93,538.00 to $82,483.00)
o   Total of 772 permits/transactions – Down 26% Compared to September 2017 (1,048): 216 Building, 210 Electrical, 124 Plumbing, 121 HVAC, 51 Mobile Homes, 2 Demolition, 13 Moving, 35 Miscellaneous
Development Standards
o   Homeland Park Fire Department located on S. Main Street, Anderson.
o   Discount Retail Store located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson.
o   Burger King, Highway 153.
o   Dollar General Retail Store located on Dobbins Bridge Road.
o   Verizon Wireless located 1226 Abercrombie Road, Honea Path.
o   Anderson Regional Airport Terminal Expansion located on Airport Road, Anderson
o   Smokin Pig Barbecue located on Evergreen Road, Anderson
o   Anderson Storage located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson
o   Floodplain Development Permit for 600 Sunrise Circle, Fair Play
o   Floodplain Development Permit for 4631 Highway 29S, Anderson
o   Michelin Health Center located on Highway 76, Sandy Springs.
o   Homeland Park Fire Department located on S. Main Street, Anderson.
o   The Standard Cremation Funeral Center located Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson.
·       Did you know?  That cars and emergency vehicles can easily stall and be swept away by less than 2’ of running flood water?
·       September Stats:
o   Land Use Permits, 120
o   Septic Tanks, 56
o   Individuals Summary Plats, 50
o   Commercial Up-fits, 6
o   Home Based Businesses, 6
o   Compliance issues, 5
Fleet Services
·       Closed 135 work orders for the week.
·       Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $1.99“! E20 $2.39‘!, Diesel $2.28“!
·       Diesel Mechanic position available
·       Weekly Fleet Availability:    91.19%
· To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
· September Stats:
o   Fuel Uses:
§  Unleaded – 36,083 gallons
§  E-20 – 11,026 gallons
§  Diesel – 11,043 gallons
§  Fuel Totals   $139,228.19
o   Closed 526 work orders
o   Month Fleet Availability:   91.75%
o   Auction Sales:  $39,777.00
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Roads & Bridges
·       Vegetation Crews worked on trimming tree limbs, cleaning tree debris and removing trees. Mowing Crews continued to mow right-of-way.
·       Grading Crew repaired catch basin on Dianna Street, replaced cross-line pipe on Brookside Drive, and repaired culverts.
·       Asphalt Crews paved parking lots on the EW Connector, paved over Dianna Street repairs, continued routine driveway apron and pothole requests.
·       Sign Shop Crews opened Dianna Street, closed Brookside Drive, and performed routine maintenance on road signs.
·       Bridge Crew continued work on Shiloh Church Road West Bridge Replacement, getting ready for pile driving.
·       On-call crew received 6 after-hours call-outs for a total of approximately 67 man-hours: all downed trees.
·       September Stats
o   Work Requests: 442 new, 478 closed, 469 open.
o   On call crew received 14 after-hours call outs for a total of 48 man-hours.
o   Encroachments: 14/$1448.30 (48/$6,373.05).
Solid Waste
·       Shred Day was held on September 29th at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10am until 1pm. We had 322 residents to participate.
·       Attended Green Steps Training in Clemson to discuss ways that schools can reduce, reuse and recycle and implementing programs as a mentor.
·       Completed recycling and litter prevention presentations at Wren Middle School for 160 students and 8 teachers and staff members.
·       Environmental Enforcement educated residents on covering their loads at the White Street, Whitefield and Carswell Convenience Centers.
·       Environmental Enforcement has been working at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center in dealing with litter issues at the facility.
·       We have 1 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       September Stats:
o   525.70 Recyclable tons, 27.66 E-Waste tons, 63.92 Tire tonnages and 2748 Gallons Waste Oil.
o   Anderson Regional Landfill: 6010.04 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $143,639.96.
o   Hauling contractor hauled 617 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $72,189.00.
·       Starr Landfill Tonnages:
o   Construction & Demolition (1,899.48 C&D) tons {3,531.12 YTD tons}.
o   Land Clearing Debris (1,157.05 LCD) tons {3,006.69 YTD tons}.
o   6,537.81 Total Tons for the Year
·       Environmental Enforcement September Stats: 135 Calls, 9 Warnings, 5 Assisting Another Agency, 27 Clean-Up Orders, 5 Clean-Up Order Citations, 0 Unlawful Dumping, 2 Litter Citations, 0 Uncovered Load Citations, and 0 State Citations. Total Fines requested $5,150.00.
·       Did You Know? In the past decade, cigarette smoking in America has decreased 28%, yet cigarette butts remain the most littered item in the U.S. and across the globe.
·       Received resubmittal for Litter Creek Resort major modification and Poly-Med Expansion.
·       Reviews were conducted for Deerpath Subdivison and Michelin Health Center.
·       Pre-cons held and approvals issued for GT Legacy’s Warehouse and 10 Acres off Highway 187.
·       Did you know? When impervious space reaches 25% of landmass, a flood that would otherwise be expected only once every 100 years could occur once every 5 years.
·       September Stats:
o   New Application: 2
o   Resubmittals: 4
o   Reviews: 8
o   Pre-Cons: 3
o   Terminations: 3
o   Major Modifications Approved: 3
o   Inspections: 57 sediment/erosion control,  0 post-construction, 0 county facility & 4 industrial stormwater
·       Met with a residential developer, County staff and other utilities to discuss who should provide wastewater collections in the North Eastern portion of the County
·       Contractor installed the force main and has tied it into Anderson County’s sewer infrastructure and are now starting on the installation of the wet well for  the new pump station for Vantage @ Powdersville. Once the force main has set for 30 days the contractor may proceed with the proper testing to insure that the installation meets all standards required by overseeing organizations.
·       Anderson County personnel attended a pre-construction meeting held by SCDOT in regards to the HWY 153 Median Improvement Project.
·       Design Engineer and Anderson County Staff performed a follow up walk through inspection for the 5 Mile Project. Only a few items were found however, we will have a final walk through in two weeks and be able to close out this section of the project.
·       6&20 WWTP treatment process began to see denitrification in the clarifier (solids rising from bottom) after settling. From Sunday, September 30 thru Tuesday, October 2, we have removed approx. 80% of the original biology (micro-organisms) from the plant and hauled off site to prevent from contaminating new micro-organisms. Tanker trucks continue to haul in loads of micro-organisms from two other activated sludge plants (re-seeding).   During the days of the re-seeding activities, no wastewater was discharged into the receiving stream.  We were fortunate to have holding capacity until we could get lab data to confirm that our discharge would be in compliance. We continue to do process control sampling and analyses to monitor the progress of re-establishing our micro-organisms.   Once the plant is fully recovered and operational, we will continue with process control sampling to determine a baseline for what is to be expected of the plant process as we move forward.  This is not a quick process as micro-organism need time to acclimate to the new environment and begin to work properly.  Staff will be continuing to monitor progress by sampling and visual inspections.  Staff continues to try to identify what caused the plants Biological process to change and continues to investigate possible sources of containments.
·       There were 146 overtime hours this week.
·       September Stats:
o   Permits – 38
o   Capacity – $220,000
o   811 – 491
o   Sludge – 8.84 ton $253.83
o   ROW – 21,800 ft.