Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Oct. 3 – Christie L Chastain, 558 Oil Mill Rd., Piedmont reported a Samsung Galaxy J7V silver cell phone stolen from her unlocked truck while she was in Fiesta. The phone was valued at $500. D. D. Morgan investigated.
Oct. 3 – Angel Joan Nava Rodriguez, 18, 232 Longview Dr., Williamston was arrested for no driver’s license and disregarding a stop sign and manner of driving after a purple Scion pulled onto Academy St., from Parker Street without stopping at the stop sign. The vehicle sped up to 39 mph on Longview Road before being stopped. Rodriguez was arrested and transported to ACDC. R. Maxwell investigated.
Oct. 3 – Zachary Ryan Watson, 22, 119 Hamilton Dr., Williamston reported receiving harassing phone calls and texts from a Meagan Michelle Webb, 22, 721 Cypress Ln., Anderson. Webb was contacted by officers and advised that a warrant would be obtained if the behavior continues. D. D. Morgan investigated.
Oct. 4 – Jennifer Anna Gregg, 42, 19 Latherton Court, Greenville was arrested and issued a summons for trespassing after officers were notified of a disturbance at the track field behind Palmetto High School. R. Maxwell investigated.
Oct. 4 – Leslie Ann Wing, 58, 23 Traxler Ave., Williamston reported items valued at $700 taken from the residence. R. Maxwell investigated.
Oct. 5 – Joseph Perks, 221 Longview Dr, Williamston reported a vandalism incident in which a railroad nail from a railroad tie on the property was thrown through the right front window on the porch. Damage was estimated at $500. D. R. Hart investigated.
Oct. 8 – Jared David Tierce, 17, 2639 Anderson Highway, Williamston was arrested for disorderly conduct after being observed riding a bike in a repeated pattern between the main entrance and the entrance to the student parking lot at Palmetto High School, North Hamilton St., Williamston. According to reports, he rode his bike into the student parking zone where he was not authorized to go. When officers placed him on trespass notice he did not fully cooperate and became beligerent, raising his voice and using profanity. After ignoring repeated warnings, he was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC. R. Drenon investigated.