Local karate teacher to receive 8th degree blackbelt


By David Meade
Tiger Paw Martial Arts Academy in Williamston will be celebrating 44 years this Saturday with several special events.
Sensei Michael Logan will receive his eighth degree black belt at the start of the Tiger Paw United States Southern Challenge, which is their 8th annual Invitation Karate Tournament, being held at the Piedmont Community Building.
A Grandmaster ceremony will be held for Logan at 9 a.m. The Southern Challenge karate tournament which take place in the Piedmont Community building from 10 a.m. until 2.
It will feature local karate competitors including Kicks Martial Arts, schools from Woodruff, Summerville, Forest City, NC, and others from around the southeast and as far away as Indiana.
The day will continue with a Halloween Party at 6 p.m. at the Tiger Paw Martial Arts Academy located at 18 A E. Main St. in Williamston.
Everyone is welcome to attend the party which will be in a safe Christian environment. Logan said.
During his 44 years of being involved in Martial Arts, Logan said he has helped many children and teens overcome all types of challenges including autism, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and other issues and problems. “Anything that comes through my door,” he said. “Even with all the professional skills, the only way I can is by the Grace of God and lots of prayer.”
Logan said that he encourages his students to make good grades, and often if a student is struggling or not doing homework, a parent or grandparent will call him as a last resort, because they know that student will not want him to know there is a problem.
“It is my responsibility to teach more than just kicks and punches,” Logan said. “Which it is true that it takes a village to raise a child.”
He teaches competitive karate skills, and much more.
“I teach loyalty, honesty, respect and discipline,” he said adding that he is “preparing them for life.”
Over the years he has gained the respect of not only local students, parents and grandparents, but others in the martial arts world.
“We have brought national exposure to Williamston, SC,” Logan said.
Logan has trained under Great Supreme Grand Master Victor Moore, a 10th degree black belt and four time world heavyweight champion.
According to Logan, “Moore has beaten Chuck Norris and any champion or competitor trying to be champion in his time.”
Moore is also president of the World Traditional Karate Association.
“Our facebook page is very strong,” Logan said. “Schools around us know us.”
Logan said his focus on traditional karate has gained respect and attention.
The Academy was recognized by the governor for their Angel Program, which helps pay some of the costs associated with taking karate. The program encourages good grades and showing improvement.
Two US flags flown over the Statehouse and the Governor’s Mansion were donated to the Academy and were auctioned off to raise funds for the program.
Tiger Paw Martial Arts has been in Williamston for ten years and averages about thirty students at a time. They have an active client list of around 500.
Grandmaster Michael Logan’s Career
The martial arts career of grandmaster Michael Logan. It all started in 1975 at a Community college. Harbin Jeffers introduced him to shotakon karate. From 1978 through 1980, :Logan trained three time world middleweight champion Ray Rice. He went on to train with Zachary Jardo, where he earned his black belt in 1982.
Logan returned to Greenville South Carolina to train with Dave Evans. He earned his 1st through third degree with Evans. Was honorarily promoted to 4th degree black belt with Tiger Paw Martial Arts Academy and went on to train under the great supreme grandmaster Victor Moore, a four time world heavyweight champion.
Logan earned his 5th degree through 7th degree black belt and was honorarily promoted to 8 degree black belt.
He will have his grandmaster ceremony this Saturday, at the start of the Southern Challenge Karate Tournament.
During his years as a teacher, he has had the privilege of training and promoting many students to the rights of black belt.
“In his 44 years in martial arts, he has made great accomplishments in life and for the community, said Elizabeth Burns, who is associated with Tiger Paw Martial Arts and contributed information for this article.
“It has been a great privilege to have him as our Hichdon, teacher, mentor, and friend.”