Voters will go to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 6 for State and Local Elections


Voters will go to the polls next Tuesday, Nov. 6 to vote for candidates for local and state offices.
In local elections, voters will decide who will serve on the Anderson School District One Board, County Board of Education, Williamston Town Council, Piedmont Public Service District and House District 10 among other offices.
Statewide elections included Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Education. There are two state constitution amendments and two advisory referendums on the ballot.
Local candidates for office include:
Anderson County Board of Education: Area 1- Gary Burgess, Area 3 – Tyler Cureton, Jim Haning, Roderick P. Houston; Area 5 – Mike Brock; Area 6 C. Nakia Davis.
Anderson School District One Board of Trustees: Area 1 – Melissa Ellison Hood, Jonathan Pack; Area 4 – Pat Cox; Area 5 – Doug Atkins, Wendy Burgess; Area 7 – Nancy O. Upton.
Anderson County Soil and Water District Commission: Chris Eberhart, Jim Kelley, Joshua Weaver.
Williamston Town Council – Write in candidates choose from Bonnie McCullough (Ward 1), Tony Hagood (Ward 1), Rockey Burgess (Ward 2).
Piedmont Public Service District Commission: Al C. McAbee Jr., Ed Poore, Terry Yates.
Big Creek Watershed Conservation District: Joey Werner.
Broadmouth Creek Watershed Conservation: Marty Richey, Glenn Stevens.
Brushy Creek Watershed Conservation District: Cindy Pendergast, Richard T. Tripp, Ben Wigington.
Three and Twenty Watershed Conservation District: Dennis Claramut, Randy Griffis.
County Council District 6 – Powdersville Jimmy Davis.
County Council District 7 – M. Cindy Wilson (Republican), Steve Sears (Libertarian).
State House District 7 – Portions of Abbeville and Anderson Counties – Republican Jay West unopposed.
State House District 9 – Anne Thayer unopposed.
State House District 10 – Portions of Anderson, Greenville and Pickens Counties – Republican West Cox, Democrat Lucy Hoffman.
US House of Representatives District 3- Incumbent Republican Jeff Duncan, Democrat Mary Geren, American Party Dave Moore.
Governor and Lieutenant Governor – On the Democrat ticket are James Smith/Mandy Powers Norrell. Republican ticket is Incumbent Governor Henry McMaster/Pamela Evette.
Secretary of State – Melvin T Whittenburg (Democratic ); Mark Hammond (Republican)
State Treasurer – Rosalyn L Glenn (Democratic); Rosalyn Glenn (Working Families); Curtis Loftis (Republican ); Sarah Work (American)
Attorney General – Constance Anastopoulo (Democratic); Constance Anastopoulo (Working Families); Alan Wilson (Republican)
Comptroller General – Richard Eckstrom (Republican)
State Superintendent of Education – Israel Romero (Democratic); Molly Mitchell Spearman (Republican)
Commissioner of Agriculture – Chris Nelums (United Citizens); David Edmond (Green); Hugh Weathers (Republican).
Candidates will vary by your local precinct.
State Amendments
and Referendums
A statewide Consititional Amendment will allow the Superintendent of Education to be appointed by the Governor, with the consent of the Senate instead of being elected.
A second is to allow SCDOR temporary permits for on premises possession, sale and consumption to non-profits and businesses already authorized for consumption and sale of alcohol.
Two local questions will appear as advisory referendums.
One is an advisory referendum for Anderson County Council to gauge response about adding a new tax on prepared food. This additional tax would apply in any area of the county outside the boundaries of a town or city where the 2% tax is already enacted.
A second is advisory on the Sunday sale of alcohol in Anderson County. Some municipalities, including West Pelzer and Belton, will also vote on this.