Former Williamston Attorney sentenced to five years probation – and payment of restitution


Former Williamston attorney Philip E. Williams was recently sentenced after he pled guilty in US District Court to one count of mail fraud in violation of 18U.S.C.1341. Counts two and three were dismissed by a motion of the United States records show.
Williams was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay restitution of $343,042.42. He will also be placed on one year home confinement with electronic GPS monitoring, which he will pay for. Williams will be allowed to leave his residence to attend work, church or to meet with his attorney. He must also appear in court for a status conference every four months.
Under the restitution order, Williams must pay $2000 per month towards restitution.
The indictment contained a forfeiture allegation providing that upon conviction, certain properties or equivalent substitute assets, $343,042, would be subject to forfeiture to the United States.
Williams pled guilty to one count of mail fraud on January 16, 2018. The preliminary order of forfeiture was dated August 27, 2018 and the judgment was awarded November 2, 2018.
Restitution will be made to the following parties: John G. McFadden, $127,718.42; Williamston Presbyterian Church, $10,000; Gilford Reid Estate, $37,451.02; Jerry Reece Estate, $87,873.30; Helen Williams, $500; Betty Anderson, $500; Williamston Community Center, $500; Charles Williams, $1,000; and Lawyers Fund for Client Protection, $80,500. Total $343,042.42.
The interest requirement on the funds was waived. Williams is also required to pay a $100 special assessment.