Town of Williamston Codes report for October


Debbie Chapman provided the following Codes report for October. The report was made to Williamston Town Council during their regular meeting last Monday.
Codes update for Oct-Nov. – This month was a little slower for the grass cutting issues since the weather has been cooler.
We had one complaint of property being overgrown causing snakes and other issues.
4 complaints of extreme trash and junk in yards (one of these has been issued a citation, two have been allowed time to comply, and one other is pending receipt of a citation.)
2- houses with people living in them with no water or sewer, (One has been issued a citation, the other has been notified of the Violation and given time to comply)
2-substandard housing issues are being addressed.
1 fined for junk, trash, and tall grass in the yard last month. They will probably be issued a second citation due to not complying after being fined.
Several complaints have been received regarding a field that hasn’t been cut. After investigating the property and tax information, it is clear that this is farm land. There are also several wooded areas that we continuously receive complaints on, that are deemed as natural areas. To avoid these type issues from continuously recurring, assistance from the Ordinance review committee to come up with guidelines regarding these type of properties has been requested.
1-report of possible squatters in a vacant house and building. The PD has been notified and asked to keep check.
Several political signs were removed from right of ways.
A total of 5 tickets were issued or heard in court this past month with several coming up for this month. While it isn’t the desire of the Town to issue citations, it is sometimes necessary to gain compliance.
There have been complaints about trash receptacles being left along the street after the trash has been picked up. We are asking that everyone please abide by Town Ordinance by placing trash receptacles beside the house after the trash has been picked up. There is an ongoing issue of trash being overloaded in cans and falling out on the ground. This will not be picked up by the Town and is considered littering. As a heads up, in the near future, those that are non-compliant will receive one warning by placement of a yellow tag on the receptacle. Please comply with the Ordinance to avoid being issued a citation if a second violation is observed. If anyone needs a copy of the Ordinance, please email me at and I will send one.
On a better note, Armory Fitness is now open. I hope you all will stop by and see what a great job Dylan Powers and his family have done with the Armory. A Grand Opening ceremony will be announced soon.
Also, Dollar Tree is progressing nicely and will announce their opening soon. There will be a ribbon cutting there as soon as they are settled in.
A ribbon cutting was held for the Groom Room Pet Salon on Main St. recently, and a ribbon cutting is scheduled for Vanity Fur Self Serve Pet Wash, Grooming Salon and Boutique on Greenville Dr. this Thursday, Nov. 8th at 11:30 am.
For anyone wishing to participate by placing a display in the Mineral Spring Christmas Park, Deck the Halls Event inside Town Hall, or the Annual Christmas Parade, I have placed the application links for these events on the Town website and Facebook page so that anyone can fill out and return. Instructions are enclosed on the applications. We have had a number of folks asking about space numbers for the Park…As soon as the spaces are lined out, someone will be in touch with each applicant to issue a space number. Deck the Hall spaces will be posted on the wall where the tree is to be placed inside Town Hall.