Pelzer Council looks at accomplishments over the year


By Stan Welch
Pelzer Town Council met for an hour Tuesday night. Forty five minutes of that hour was spent in executive session, discussing contractual matters related to ReWa and Greenville Water System. Following the closed portion of the meeting, the Council reconvened and instructed Town Attorney Jimmy King to research several unspecified matters and report back to the Council.
In other business, Mayor Roger Scott announced that signs have been installed that post the hours of operations for the Monkey Park. He also thanked Jennifer Rackley and Waste Industries, the town’s trash collection contractor, for their donation of the town’s new Christmas lights. He also thanked former West Pelzer Councilman Jimmy Jeanes for installing the lights.
The repair and renovation of the entrances to the community building has been completed, and the town clerk is working to close out the PARD grant that paid for the work, so that the town can be reimbursed.
Attached to the agenda was a list of accomplishments by the Council during the year 2018. Among the fifteen items were the reopening of the town hall, and the dissolution of the joint maintenance agreement with West Pelzer. Improvements to the Monkey Park and the picnic shed, as well as the adoption of various county ordinances were also included.
In reference to the county ordinances adopted, which focused on building and codes issues, an incident in which a resident was apparently just firing his gun into the air prompted one person at the meeting to suggest that county ordinances dealing with such matters might be the next step to take. Mayor Scott agreed whole heartedly.
No additional regular meetings are scheduled for the remainder of the year.