Piedmont Community Building to see improvements


By Stan Welch
The Piedmont Public Service Commission met Monday night, and selected a company to repair the main section of the community building roof. Lee Maxwell Roofing, which submitted the low bid of $13,976, was awarded the job. Two other companies had comparable bids in the $14-$15 thousand dollar range.
All three bids include an additional cost of three dollars per linear foot for any of the spruce rafters that need replacement. The roof was damaged by a lightning strike that knocked a large part of a chimney structure down, damaging the roof. Patchwork repairs proved ineffective. The commission will have to match the difference between the bid and a PARD grant of $10,625; or approximately $3300.
Chief Tracy Wallace told the Journal that they have also received a PARD grant to install a new alarm system in the community building. The building is also due for significant renovation and improvement, funded by the sale of a parcel of property behind the building to State Investors, the company planning to develop the down town area. The company has agreed to pay all closing and survey costs. Closing is expected sometime in May.
The company is purchasing the property for $42,000, with the stipulation that three fourths of that money be spent on improving and maintaining the building. Wallace said the commission approved the sale last month, and is excited about spending approximately $33,000 on renovations. “The community building has always been the center of our town and it needs some work, which the commissioners are looking forward to funding. The remaining funds will go into the general fund.’
Wallace also reported that final approval had been given for the installation of ventilation systems in both the headquarters station and Station Two. Accumulation of diesel fumes in the bays, and subsequent health issues have been a problem for several years, but the funds were available in the budget this year and the work was authorized.
The headquarters station system is priced at $54,603, while the smaller Station Two system will cost $30,688. Work on the installation is expected to begin in April.