Four year old found walking on highway

By Stan Welch
On Saturday night, March 16, Anderson County Deputy K.R. Thomason responded to a report of a child walking in the roadway near the intersection of Welcome Road and Highway 29 North.
Upon arriving in the vicinity, he contacted Mitchel Odis Sims, who had retrieved the child and placed him in his vehicle to keep him warm. Thomason determined the child’s first name to be Gage. He was four years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing pajamas and barefooted.
According to the brief incident report filed by Thomason, he contacted the Department of Social Services (DSS); and due to the late hour, the conditions, and the inability to identify and locate the parents, he remanded the child to the custody of DSS, where he remains.
Efforts by the Journal and by the ACSO to obtain the names of the parents were denied by DSS, which is now the investigating agency.