Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Mar. 21 – Curtis Merritt, 39, 305 Nelson Dr., Anderson reported being hit in the back of the head with a bottle after a vehicle incident in which he said he was cut off by an older model red pick up truck as he was turning into Hardees. According to reports, Merritt parked at Hardees and began walking to the side door when the driver of the pickup truck, an unidentified white male, ran up behind him cursing and using racial slurs, and hit him with some type of glass bottle. Merritt said the man stated he was going to get a gun and shoot him. Merritt stated that he felt blood coming from the back of his head and had a few glass shards on his shirt, so he drove to the emergency room at AnMed. The subject was described as a white male, about 5ft. 10, reddish/blonde hair and wearing overalls. The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with related information is asked to contact the Williamston Police Department. Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Mar. 24 – Williamston Police officers investigated a domestic incident at 32 Ridge Ct., Williamston in which Lisa Elizabeth Kiedrowski, 49, 146 Fourth Day St., Piedmont reported her husband shoved her into a closet and left the scene. Jason Kiedrowski, of 32 Ridge Ct., Williamston, was contacted by phone and asked to come to the police department. When he did, he stated that he had left the house approximately four hours before the police were called. He stated he did not touch the victim  and did not go to the closet and that the victim threw his clothes on the living room and kitchen floor. While officers were talking with the husband at the police department, the victim texted the husband and told him to have the officer call her. When the responding officer called, Elizabeth Kiedrowski stated she did not want to file charges and later refused to give a statement and refused multiple requests to be seen by EMS, even though she stated that her back was hurt from the incident. Reports state there were no visible signs of injury on her back. After refusing to give a statement, she signed a complaint withdrawal form. K. Anthony, D. R. Hart investigated.