Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:

Building and Codes
       Permits Submitted: 11 Single-Family Dwellings; 2 Duplex; 7 Addition/Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 2 Demolition; 4 Replacement; 20 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 3 Residential Solar; 5 Commercial Including: Steel Horse Development Up-Fit, Sign for Fisher Properties, Electrolux Life-Safety Permit, Electrical for ARC Café, Emergency Generator for SC Vocational Rehabilitation; 16 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
       Drawings submitted: E&I Engineering  2019 Expansion, HYDRO Sign, Smith Storage Building located on Hwy 81 South, Polymed Inc. Up-Fit  located on Leader Drive, Sign for Starbucks in Powdersville and various re-submittals
Development Standards
Site Plan Review:
o   Mt. Lebanon Elementary School Expansion located on Mt. Lebanon Road, Pendleton.
o   New Burger King Restaurant located at Highway 24 & Highway 187.
o   NW Trucking Company-Piedmont.
o   McDonald’s Whitehall Road, Anderson.
o   Floodplain Development Permits for Lots 44, 45, and 50
Land Use Permits Approved:
o   Front Porch Fixin located at 10205 Anderson Road
o   RT Automotive located on Cromer Road, Anderson
o   Breckenridge Phase II, Na-Lin Way Development, Walker’s Pointe, Wakefield, The Regatta, Caledonia Phase IV
Compliance Issues:
o   Illegal signage removed at Michelin Blvd.
o   Illegal business-Whispering Oak
Bufferyard Inspections:
Dollar General located at Highway 187.

Fleet Services
       To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
o   On call crew received 6 call outs; 4 downed trees, 1 debris (pole) in the roadway, 1 road closure (closed S. Main St. for safety reasons, building on fire) Total of 30 hours.
Sign Crew
o   24 open request, completed 16 requests
Bridge Crew
o   Continued work on Shiloh Church Road Project.
Asphalt Crew
o   Repaired 30 potholes (request [90%]), 10 driveway aprons. Full depth patching on Townville Fire Dept. parking lot.
Grading Crew and Ditching Crew
o   8 x-line culvert repairs, general site grading at Manse Jolly Convenient Center and back parking lot for Solid Waste Dept.
Vegetation Crew
o   Mowing season started April 1st.
o   Mowing operation; section: 1 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 2 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 3 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 4 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 5 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 6 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 7 round 1
Engineering Crew
o   Completed pavement evaluations for 16 pavement segments.
o   12 paving estimates were completed, Approved road plans for Yorkshire Farms Subdivision,
o   1 Right-of-way Inquiry, Soliciting quotes for precast drainage structures for S. Severn Cir., Approved encroachment permit for lighting at TTI on Ryobi Drive, Orange Way, and Innovation Way.
o   2 Encroachment Permits, Worked on 4 R/O/W acquisitions (11 in negotiations, 7 awaiting closing, 3 on hold).
o   7 County Road Issues completed, 9 Encroachment Inspections completed. Approved Encroachment permit for Carriage Hill Subdivision sewer connection to Armistead Ln.
o   1 Traffic Study, 6 subdivision Inspections. Finished culvert replacement plans for South Severn Cir. Pre-bid meeting for Rock Springs Dairy Estates STD
o   6 locates completed for Contractor. Received revised plans to review for Yorkshire Farms and Mayfield Woods Subdivisions.
Solid Waste
       The Great Anderson County Cleanup will be on April 13, 2019. Everyone can choose their own roads to cleanup or staff will be meeting them at the Solid Waste Department at 731 Michelin Blvd.
       The Kickoff for the Great Anderson County Cleanup was held on April 8, 2019 at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center at 6:00pm. There were 80 volunteers that attended the event. Litter cleanup supplies such as litter grabbers, safety gloves and litter bags were given out at the event. Volunteers are coming by the Solid Waste Department to pick up their supplies. We are also delivering supplies to volunteers.
       Staff assisted with the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament at Green Pond this past weekend by helping to keep the facility litter free and providing trash service with 95-gallon roll-carts.
       Staff is assisting with the Fishers of Men Tournament at Green Pond this week by providing trash service with 95-gallon roll-carts.
       Environmental Enforcement is continuing its efforts for ZERO TOLERANCE month. Law Enforcement all over South Carolina came to support the cause to fight litter. The push is Littering Is a Crime.
       Staff completed DHEC Quarterly Reports for the Solid Waste, Waste Oil and Waste Tire Grants. We also applied for the 2020 DHEC Grants.
       Attended the Friends of the Park Cleanup and Service Day. There were 310 volunteers present and 24 bags collected.
       Provided supplies to the NewSpring Powdersville For SC Day. They had 11 volunteers collect 75 bags of litter from Circle Road, Frontage Road and along the church property/road frontage.
       Provided supplies to the City of Belton for their town-wide cleanup. They had 5 volunteers collect 15 bags of litter from their roads.
       One volunteer in the City of Anderson has picked up 30 bags of litter on Sayre St. and South Tower St. for the Great Anderson County Cleanup.
       Confirmed upcoming cleanups and provided supplies for residents to clean in their own neighborhoods for GACC. Several Girl Scout Troops will be cleaning up county parks and boat landings for the event.
       Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We have 75 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
       Did You Know? Almost 90% of Americans have access to either drop-off centers or curbside recycling service.
       Received new application for Patina Storage in Powdersville.
       Major modification approved for Standard Cremation.
       Staff met with a representative of Brookstone Meadows Clubhouse and Pool to discuss the final steps needed before permit termination.
       Staff met with IT about what options are available for cameras to be installed at the Broadway Dam.
       Two cease and desist notices were lifted; Ortec and a land disturbance without a permit on Agnew Rd.
       Pretreatment
o   Worked on Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) Forms and Enforcement Plan; preparing for implementation of the FOG Plan.
o   Met with wastewater instructor regarding online classes; how it works, effectiveness for passing exams, continuing education hours, etc. Exam pass rate is much higher for those completing this online course.
       ROW
o   ROW Crew cut the following ROW’s: Walker Vet Hospital on HWY 81, Stonehaven, Spinx @ Hwy 24 and 28 by-pass, S. Fant Elementary, Martin and Martin Auction on HWY 8, HWY 86 #1 forcemain, and #2 pump station.
o   Met with the General Manager for Pickens Railroad about a storm drain under the tracks on Coe St. The exit end of the drain was located and he was going to dig out around the drain to ensure proper discharge from the line.
o   All sewer ROW’s in the Hwy 86 #3 basin were inspected to categorize for cutting.
       Engineering
o   Responded to request about fees still due for Willowhaven Townhomes.
o   Investigated overburden (additional dirt placed above what the design called for) on Arthrex sewer line project.
o   Reviewed proposal for chemical feed system at Hurricane Creek Pump Station.
       6&20 WWTP
o   Experienced high influent flows this week from the cooling towers that serve an industrial customer. The industry was notified and corrected the problem immediately. The influent flow at 6&20 is back to normal.
o   Wasted sludge from the treatment plant three times this week. Warmer temperatures have increased the biological activity and the biomass needs to be reduced from the higher levels that are maintained during the winter months.
o   Ammonia and nitrate levels are normal in the effluent. All process testing that is being performed show that the treatment plant is operating much better since some of the bio mass was destroyed last month from something toxic that came in over a weekend.
       Locating/Inspections
o   Contractor for Arthrex installed 6 manholes and approx. 900’ of 10 “DIP pipe total to date for this phase of the project. Due to the digging depths and wet soil conditions the contractor is moving along at a respectively good pace.
o   Contractor installed 10 manholes and approx. 1976’ of 8” PVC sewer main for the Deer Path Subdivision.
o    5 I tracker flow monitors were installed within the Stonehaven Subdivision sewer collection system. The reason for this study is to try and capture data within the system that would indicate problem areas that are occurring during heavy rain events.
Animal Shelter
       PAWS was able to save 93% of the animals in our care this week.
       Intakes:  98 (15 owner surrenders, 1 return adoption, 58 from Animal Control, 19 strays and 5 transfer)
       Outcomes:  41 animals adopted, 3 died,  4 were euthanized for aggression or medical emergencies, 8 owner requested euthanasia, 6 returned to their owners, 5 transferred out to rescue groups
       Clinic performed 128 spay/neuter surgeries
       13 dogs were treated for heartworms
       Currently 112 large dogs, 8 small dogs, 31 puppies, 23 cats and 3 kittens being held in the facility.
       There are 94 animals available for adoption, 87 are spayed/neutered; 92.5%
       7 animals are being held for court
       PAWS received $1212.61 in monetary donations.
       PAWS attended the Bass Master Classic at Green Pond Landing and had great success getting dogs adopted.