Around The County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:

Building and Codes
         Permits Submitted: 9 Single-Family Dwellings; 3 Addition/Renovation; 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 5 Demolition; 6 Pool; 12 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 2 Residential Solar; 3 Commercial Including: Bluegrass Dedicated Office Building, Electrical for Street Lights – Town of Iva, Sign for Whitehall Commons; 7 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
         Drawings submitted: McDonalds Renovations in Belton, Townhomes for Meehan Falls, Electrical for Strategic Plastics and various re-submittals
Development Standards
Site Plan Review:
o   Mt. Lebanon Elementary School Improvements.
o   New Verizon Wireless Communication tower located at 1136 Brown Road, Anderson.
o   Commercial Business located at 522 Osteen Hill Road
o   Floodplain Development Permit located at 2027 Parker Bowie
o   Floodplain Development Permit located at 2709 Highway 29
o   Floodplain Development Permit located at 400 Saluda Drive, Williamston
o   Floodplain Development Permit located at 9803 Highway 81S, Iva.
Land Use Permits Approved:
o   R & R Golf Clemson Blvd. Anderson.
o   Sullivan Hills, a PD,(Planned Development) final approval granted for Lot#56 & 86
o   Final Floodplain Development Permit for 403 Holiday Street, Pelzer
Grading Permits Approved:
o   Yorkshire Farms
o   Caledonia Phase IV; Three Bridges; Yorkshire; Sullivan’s Hill
o   E&C Solutions Pine Road bond $9600.00
Compliance Issues:
o   Illegal signage removal Amity Road, Cheddar, Belton Highway, Clair Drive,
         To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
o   On call crew received 19 call outs; 18 downed trees, 1 debris (glass) in the roadway, total hours 241.5
Sign Crew
o   26 open request;  completed 22 request; Closed Martin Rd for x-line replace; installed 5“ No Smoking“ signs in county Parks.
Bridge Crew
o   Continued work on Shiloh Church Road Project., also repaired borrow pit area on Murphy rd. used for bridge replacement on Blake Dairy Rd.
Asphalt Crew
o   Repaired 30 potholes (request [100%]), 23 driveway aprons. (5, patched). Strip patched 3 roads.
Grading Crew and Ditching Crew
o   5 driveways, 800 feet ditching
Vegetation Crew
o   Mowing season started April 1st.
o   26 tree request received, completed 34 tree task.
o   Mowing operation; section: 1 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 2 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 3 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 4 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 5 round 1; will finish 1st round one week early.
o   Mowing operation; section: 6 round 1
o   Mowing operation; section: 7 round 1
o   1 Herbicide task completed


Engineering Crew
o   Completed pavement evaluations for 25 pavement segments.
o   14 paving estimates were completed,
o   2 Right-of-way Inquiries, 2 roads in Magnolia Farms Subdivision were accepted into the County system; Farms Way and Sparrow Drive.
o   1 proposed road abandonment request, 1 approved road abandonment (Abner Place)
o   5 County Road Issues completed, 5 Encroachment Inspections completed. 1 final Inspection
o   1 Traffic Study, 6 subdivision Inspections.
o   Reviewed preliminary plat for Beckenridge Phase 2
Solid Waste
         The Great Anderson County Cleanup Event Day was held on April 13, 2019. Council Members, Administrator, Volunteers and staff picked up 439 bags, 79 tires and some other materials on the event day.
         The Great Anderson County Cleanup runs from April 2019 through the end of May 2019 in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup. The total count on litter bags picked up at this time is 2518 and 447 tires. We appreciate everyone continuing to volunteer their time in picking up litter in Anderson County.
         Staff assisted in picking up wood debris from Broadway Lake McFall’s Lake and disposing of it at the Starr C&D Landfill. The debris was pulled out of the lake due to storms and other natural occurrences.
         Staff assisted with the Fishers of Men National Championship Tournament at Green Pond this past weekend by helping to keep the facility litter free and providing trash service with 95-gallon roll-carts.
         Environmental Enforcement is continuing its efforts for ZERO TOLERANCE month. Law Enforcement all over South Carolina came to support the cause to fight litter. The push is Littering Is a Crime.
         Environmental Enforcement was able to get 150 waste tires cleaned up off of Tibwin Rd. in Powdersville.
         Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We have 75 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
         We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 3 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
         Did You Know? Thanks to PalmettoPride volunteers have picked up 27 Million Tons of litter in South Carolina.
         Reviews were conducted for Patina Storage (1st) and Mayfield Woods Subdivision (2nd).
         Received resubmittal for Paradise Vista Single Family Homes.
         Notice to Comply #5 was issued to 10 Acres off Highway 187.
         Double D Farms permit was terminated.
         Manager graduated from the College of Charleston’s Local Government Leadership Institute.
         Manager completed Crime Prevention through Environmental Design training conducted by Palmetto Pride at the Anderson Library.
         Town of Iva
o   Running balance is $787,386.29.
         Pretreatment
o   Met with City of Anderson FOG Inspector to discuss Anderson County site FOG inspections and timeline to complete required repairs/corrections needed.  Time has been allowed to determine which options to take and make the corrections.
o   After review, confirmed the training course needed to prepare employees for taking wastewater certification exams as well as maintain required continuing education hours.
o   Participated in conference call with contract engineers to discuss preliminary discharge limits at one possible wastewater treatment plant discharge site.  The discharge limits are based partly on the creek size and flow as well as other dischargers into the creek.  We need to keep in mind allowances for industrial users that may discharge to the treatment plant when choosing a plant/discharge location.
         ROW
o   Cut several ROW’s on the West side of Anderson this week, we also repaired a fence line on Regency Circle at the access where a tree fell and damaged it.
o   Cleaned and inspected the line behind 105 Roxbury with our camera unit to insure there were no tree roots or obstructions.
o   Repaired 4 manholes that were hit by mowers.
         Engineering
o   Stonehaven I&I study is continuing, we have downloaded data from the flow monitors twice.
o   Contractor for Arthrex project appears to be on track to finish this week or early next week.
o   Provided pump draw down information for Hurricane PS wet well project.
o   Provided fee information for two subdivisions in Powdersville.
         6&20 WWTP
o   Collected composite samples for toxicity testing and second monthly parameter testing this week. Both tests are required by SCDHEC.
o   The bio-mass in the treatment plant has been reduced to the optimum operating range of 2500 mg/l for activated sludge. The solids in the plant were 3500 mg/l before heavy wasting took place. The in house process testing shows that the ammonia and nitrate levels are normal. The bio-mass will be wasted as needed weekly to maintain healthy biological activity.
o   Cleaned two drying beds and filled one with sludge from the digester.
         Pump Station
o   Pulled pumps #2 at Food Lion Pump Station to inspect because it’s not meeting the original pump capacities. We are in the process of determining if the impeller needs to be replaced or if there is some other problem with the pump.
o   Installed new pump at Charlie T’s, the pump was replaced because the original pumps electrical motor was beyond repair. Replacing the pump was cheaper than having it repaired.
o   Pulled pump #1 at Northbound Rest Area because of long run times, there was some trash in the impeller so we cleaned out and put pump back into service.
         Locating/Inspections
o   Contractor for Arthrex installed 9 manholes and approx. 1550’ of 10 “DIP pipe total to date for this phase of the project. They are in the final stretch of this phase with only approx 350’ left until they reach the tie-in point to connect both runs of pipe.
o   The contractor for Deer Path Subdivision has installed all 13 manholes and 2724’ of 8”PVC sewer main for the project. They must now wait the allotted time frame set by DHEC before the inspection.
Animal Shelter
         PAWS was able to save 91% of the animals in our care this week.
         Intakes:  81 (27 owner surrenders, 2 return adoption, 36 from Animal Control, 13 strays and 3 transfer)
         Outcomes:  42 animals adopted, 1 died,  6 were euthanized for aggression or medical emergencies, 5 owner requested euthanasia, 7 returned to their owners, 19 transferred out to rescue groups
         Clinic performed 114 spay/neuter surgeries
         9 dogs were treated for heartworms
         Currently 114 large dogs, 4 small dogs, 18 puppies, 18 cats and 6 kittens being held in the facility.
         There are 102 animals available for adoption, 85 are spayed/neutered; 83%
         7 animals are being held for court
         PAWS received $2,149.39 in monetary donations.
         Dr. Sanders attended the HSUS Animal Care Expo in New Orleans.