West Pelzer approves $1.15 million budget

The Town of West Pelzer approved second reading on their 2019-20 budget Tuesday. The $1,115,500 budget is almost the same as last year but shows a slight decrease, according to Mayor Blake Sanders. General Fund Revenues and Expenses amount to $429,304; Water/Sewer Fund Revenues and Expense are $650,196 and Hospitality Budget is $36,000.
Sanders said the focus of the budget is to continue to provide a high level of service for traditional services while building on the successes of previous budget years. Hospitality highlights include providing funding for eight events through the year and the Christmas parade. It is funded by a 2 percent tax on prepared foods and brings in about $36,000.
Property taxes and  auto taxes will remain the same, there will be no increase in the millage rate, currently at 94.
Sanders said town employees will get a two percent cost of living raise, but there will be no change in the budget figures to cover it due to other changes such as working fewer hours.
(Pictured) Mayor Sanders presented a plaque of appreciation to West Pelzer Police Chief Chris Brewer who is leaving the position at the end of the month. Brewer has served a Chief of Police in West Pelzer for two years.