Town offers cleanup tips

By Debbie Chapman (Community Liaison/Codes Compliance-Town of Williamston)
With warmer temperatures, spring/summer cleaning is on everyone’s mind. Personal and business properties around town are getting ready for summer activities, visiting neighbors, cookouts, and time with friends and family.
With this in mind, The Town of Williamston is asking everyone to please help by gaining control of overgrown trees, bushes and vines; cleaning up limbs, stumps and other items; raking and bagging leaves, and picking up trash and other items and removing junk vehicles. Please make sure you dispose of everything properly, especially if it is trash or debris that the town picks up.
The things just mentioned, as well as tall grass, brush, large debris being left after construction/eviction/or clean-up of properties, folks not keeping their yards up, and junk vehicles (those with no tag or insurance), are the main complaints received from neighbors around town. An abundance of calls come in each week about these things and it is understandable, due to all the rain that we have had in past months, but it is still a real concern and these things must be taken care of to avoid a citation. Mosquitoes, snakes, rats, groundhogs and other vermin are also being reported, and while we would like to help with these things, they are natural nuisances that we have no control over other than requiring tall grass to be cut and trash to be properly disposed. In the case of tall grass and other nuisances, please be a good neighbor and reach out to each other first before reporting to us. Looking out for one another is always the best policy.
In talking with people in the community it was noted that many weren’t aware of the guidelines for courtesy pick up of items other than household trash.  In fairness to all customers, the Town cannot pick up mixed piles (See separation guidelines), piles that are too large, items placed curbside after an eviction/move or remodeling by contractor, TV’s, cans that are overflowing  or bags that are left on the ground beside the can, etc. If you have items that are questionable, please call Town Hall and we can help you decide.
To be picked up, leaves and grass clippings must be bagged and placed separately from other refuse and debris has to meet certain requirements and be placed curbside on the day of the month scheduled for your Ward (See for your schedule or give us a call at 864-847-7473)
Please follow these helpful guidelines, because not following them could cause items to not be picked up and could even result in fines and/or fees for violation of Town Ordinance, and no one wants that.  The desire is for every neighbor to be a good neighbor and every business owner to take pride in their establishment. So, take pride in keeping your property clean and free from these nuisances. Here are some more details to help you with your cleaning efforts:
These items only, can be placed together for pickup. No other items can be placed with these:
Stumps no larger than 2’ x 2’, Roots, Silt, Limbs, Logs 2’ or shorter
*Bagged leaves and grass clippings must be placed separately from other refuse.
These items only, can be placed together for pickup. No other items can be placed with these:
Mirrors, Hardened Concrete, Bricks, Untreated Lumber, Plaster, Plasterboard, Insulation materials, Roofing Materials, Floor Tiles, Wall Tile, Floor Coverings, Furniture, Wire, Structural Fabric, Glass
These items CANNOT be placed on the roadside for pickup and are the responsibility of the resident to take to the landfill:
Lead Based Paint, Pallets, Asbestos, Utility Poles, Shingles, Lumber Containing Lead Paint
Metal, Tires, and batteries are not picked up on a regular basis but should be separated from all other items. These will be picked up as soon as scheduling permits.
Household Garbage is picked up weekly. Please place curbside before 7:00 am on the morning of your scheduled pickup. The can must not be overflowing, and bags placed on the ground. After pickup, please remove your trash can from the curb. Household garbage should be placed in plastic bags. No other materials can be mixed.
These items are considered to be household garbage:
Toys, Cloth, Plastic Flowers, Plastic Pots, Cardboard, Garden Hose, Plastic table and chairs, Throw rugs

TV’s, Computers, Monitors and Printers, will not be picked up by the town. Do Not Place these on the curb.  Please dispose of these at the Convenience Center on US 29 near Whitefield Fire Dept.

*Large Debris Pickup Schedule can be found on the water bill* It is also listed on the town website.
* Holiday schedules will be posted on the Town Facebook page and on the Town website.
Thank You all in advance for keeping our Town beautiful!
**NOTE: A reminder is usually given for first offense violations of Town Ordinance. If a second notice is needed, a citation will be issued.