Pelzer officials not pleased with work done on gym

By David Meade
With Mayor Roger Scott presiding, Pelzer Town Council discussed problems with paint at the gym, dumping on town property, the old Pelzer Hospital and added two more  days of police protection.
It was Mayor Scott’s second meeting in which he presided since he experienced health problem around the first of the year. Scott began the meeting stating, “I am glad to be back. It feels good to be home. I spent six months in the hospital and your prayers helped me get through this. I know they did. Keep praying for me, I appreciate it.”
During public comments, Linda Ford mentioned the $25 per vehicle road tax meeting at Piercetown (See separate story) and asked if there was one scheduled for the Pelzer area. No one knew of one.
Bill Davis reported that basketball for ages highschool and up is still being held at the gym and that he is taking bids for work on the concession stand.
Comments from Charles McJunkin led to considerable discussion about dumping on town owned property along the river.
Apparently from the discussion, people have been allowed to bring tree limbs, rock and fill dirt to low areas near the park area and that has led to other items being brought to town owned property located behind two houses adjacent to the river front park property.
McJunkin expressed concerns about no trespassing signs being posted on properties along the river. He said the area around the boat launch was a dump and an adjacent property owner has cleaned the river bank up over the years and keeps it clean and maintained. He said trash cans have been placed there and are emptied and there have been three weddings and church picnics held on the property. “It is one of the cleanest areas in Pelzer,” he said.
Councilman Eddie Waits explained that he had recently met with Anderson County officials about dumping behind two houses on town property adjacent to the river park area. He said one of the residents was adament about what the town is doing about trash behind his house. Waits said he didn’t want double standards being applied to town properties.
Waits also said there were people camping in tents, who were not residents, which was the purpose of no trespassing signs being put up. “There have been several complaints,” he said. Waits said during a recent walking tour with Anderson County officials that lots of concerns were brought up.
One of the properties, according to Waits, has household garbage, sofas and other items being dumped in it which he said will lead to tires, paint buckets and chemicals.
During the business part of the meeting, Council unanimously approved a motion by Councilman Waits to dispose of a broken power pole at the Pelzer ballfields by allowing the first person who comes to town hall and says they want it, to pay one dollar and remove it within seven days.
Next on the agenda, Waits brought up problems with paint and repair work done on the Pelzer gym beginning last August.
Waits said there have been problems since day one with the work and the contractor. He presented pictures taken over a period of time that shows peeling paint, poor paint coverage, and bad places on wood that was not repaired.
Warranty work on the job runs out in August of this year and town officials are trying to get the contractor back to fix the problems, however they have not been successful. The contractor bid of $10,800, increased as work went on, to $13,000 and eventually ended at $15,000, which the town has already paid to him. Each of the Councilmembers and Mayor stated they were not pleased with the work.
Concilman Mike Matthews said he would contact the contractor and there was discussion about taking the problem to a magistrate before the August warranty runs out.
Councilman Waits also presented information about increasing law enforcement for Pelzer by two more days.
The town currently has 24 hours of police protection through Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. Waits made a motion to increase that by 16 hours, to a total of 40 hours per week with deputies having a random schedule which would not be made public.
“We have money budgeted to cover the extra 16 hours per week,” he said. One day maybe we can get to where we have our own police department.” The motion was unanimouly approved.
Council also agreed to a meeting time of 7 p.m. through the summer for council meetings.
Councilwoman Olene Bear said she would like for the town to get bids for work on the old Pelzer Hospital building and possibly get volunteers to help do some of the work. “It is not going to get any better,” she said.
Bear also brought up a Veterans Park and said she would like to see activities, possibly a parade, for Veterans Day.
During citizens input, Councilman Gary Pridmore brought up the gym situation stating that the contractor had replaced a lot of boards on the building, which contributed to the increased cost.
Councilman Waits said he would like to see a brass marker with history of the gym placed at the gym. Waits said he appreciates support from the community and volunteers and anyone can contact him anytime.
Resident Gilbert Garrett thanked the council for adding police protection and said if anyone sees a boat on a trailer with small wheels that he is missing, to let him know.
Councilman Mike Matthews said he was “grateful to have Roger back.”