Pelzer looking to require address number on buildings

By Stan Welch
In a brief business meeting, following the presentation of the final draft of the town’s master plan, (see story elsewhere in this issue) Pelzer Town Council took several actions, including authorizing the Municipal Association of South Carolina to act as a claimant agency to collect unpaid utility bills for the town. Town Clerk Cheryl Boudreau recently completed the required training for the town to qualify for that service from the MASC.
The Council gave first reading approval to the required ordinance, as well as approving a resolution seeking the service and a formal agreement between the town and the Municipal Association.
Council also voted to allow Will Ragland to put up banners around town in 2020 , in celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Pelzer Auditorium.
Councilman Eddie Waits proposed an ordinance to require every building, residential or commercial, to display the address number on the front of the building, in numbers at least three inches high.  He explained that the measure was necessary to enable first responders to find the designated location more easily.
He referred to the somewhat haphazard street system and the resulting confusion. When asked if the time was right to address that problem, he explained that the countywide 911 system determined street addresses and changes were beyond the town’s authority.
The Council then went into executive session, in a continuance of a special called meeting held the previous Friday to address some personnel concerns that the town attorney, Jimmy King, raised. No action was taken following the session, and the meeting adjourned.