SAT and AP Scores Released for Anderson District One

SAT Scores for Anderson School District One decreased from 1062 in 2018 to 1016 in 2019 following a similar decline in the state as well. However, the number of test takers has increased due to every student in the district being encouraged to take the SAT.
Anderson One increased the number of test takers for Advanced Placement courses and SAT exams significantly from 2018-2019. An additional 192 students took AP exams in 2019, a goal of our high schools to encourage students to take upper level courses. The nature of AP classes are more challenging, rigorous and demanding and better prepares students for college level work. 53% of the students at Powdersville High, 49% of the Wren High students and 30% of Palmetto High students passed the exams and earned college credit with a score of 3, 4 or 5.
Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent of Anderson One, said, “I am pleased that we have more students taking AP courses. These classes prepare students for college and our goal as a district is for our Anderson One students to enter college with some college credits with no remediation necessary. We continue to add additional AP opportunities for students based on their college needs.”
Powdersville High led the district SAT scores with 1055, Wren High students averaged 1028 points  and Palmetto High with 956.