Minor Street Not Open Yet

Expected to open mid-October
By Stan Welch
According to Matt Hogan, Anderson county director of roads and bridges, Minor Street is not scheduled to open for three weeks. “The Williamston Police Department called me and told me that the barricades had been moved and people were using the road. They shouldn’t be. There are still some small matters that need to be completed. While this is not a county project per se, the contractor informed me this week that the official opening will be three weeks from now.”
Hogan said the construction crew had moved to the second washout location at the bottom of Minor Street, and that may have led to the removal of the barricades. But he added that the WPD is replacing those barricades. It is illegal to ignore or relocate barricades, much less within sight of the police department. Hogan does not anticipate a formal ribbon cutting or similar ceremony.