West Pelzer Police Chief, County Deputies subdue suspect

By Stan Welch
West Pelzer Police Chief Alexis Eliopoulos assisted county deputies Tuesday in locating and subduing a suspect who caused a commotion at the Sav-Way convenience story, as well as at the West Pelzer Elementary School.
The incident began when Shannon Strickland called the WPPD to complain about a suspicious person at the store. She described a white male in a brown coat, carrying a long blade of some sort and asking customers for a ride. By the time Chief Eliopoulos arrived, he had left and she began patrolling, looking for him. While on patrol, she observed ACSO deputies responding to the school at 108 W. Stewart Street. She followed and found deputies involved in a physical struggle with a white male who matched the description.
She joined the fray in order to assist the deputies in gaining control of the subject. According to her written report, she punched the subject in the ribs, but control wasn’t gained until the deputies applied their tasers. Carl Ensworth Langhear was taken into custody.
Two nearby residents, Amanda Whitaker and her mother, Cathy Whitaker,  filled in some of the details. They had started their car to warm up and had gone back inside. The car was running and unlocked. Upon coming out to leave, Amanda saw the trunk open and Langhear walking away.  She yelled at him and he responded he was looking for a ride. She took her daughter to the school and reported the incident to SRO J. Williams. Williams located Langhear, who fled. Another deputy arrived and the struggle began.
Langhear was arrested and charged on West Pelzer ordinances related to prowling and breaking and entering a motor vehicle. Langhear is in custody at the ACDC, pending additional charges.