Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Jan. 11 – Stevie Lee Kennedy, 41, 203 Williams St., Williamston and Sally Fuller Hunsucker, 33, 203 Williams Street, were  arrested after officers were dispatched to the residence in reference to a burglary. According to reports, both subjects were evicted from the residence January 9 and a county deputy had helped with the removal of items from the house. The owner, Randall Johnson stated he secured both doors with new locks and the subjects were not supposed to be in or near the home. A walk through showed the suspects “set up camp” as though they were moving back in. The front door latch had been unscrewed from the base with the lock still intact. A clear bag containing 1.02 grams of a white crystal residue was found on Kennedy and a clear bag that contained a metal spoon and .5 grams of a white crystal substance was found on Hunsucker. Both field tested positive for methamphetamine. Both were transported to ACDC without incident and warrants issued for trespass after notice and possession of meth. T. L Eichelberger, D. R. Hart investigated.
Jan. 23 – Jenna Lee Ward, 24, 1017 Dean Springs Circle, Belton reported vandalism in which someone broke the rear window and the driver window of her 2011 Hyundai Sonata while at Hardees, 1520 Anderson Drive. Video showed an unidentified subject got out of an SUV with a bat and swung twice at the passenger door and twice at the rear window of the Sonata. Damage was estimated at $1000. D. R. Hart was reporting officer. The incident remains under investigation.
Jan. 24 – Fred Steven Winiecki, 61, 407 Williams St., Ext. reported an Echo 3525 Chainsaw taken from his front porch. The saw was valued at $300. J. Sparks investigated.
Jan. 24 – Debra Ellen Bannister, 205 Prince St., Williamston reported 12 cases of drinks stolen from her front porch. The drinks were valued at $300. C. D. Brown, J. Sparks investigated.
Jan 21 – The Town of Williamston reported vandalism in which an unknown subject entered the men’s room at Mineral Spring Park and spray painted graffiti on the wall using black spray paint. Damage was estimated at $150.
Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Jan. 28 – Williamston officers investigated an armed robbery at the Family Dollar store, 1505 Anderson Drive. Reports state the Williamston resident observed a black male wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and dreadlocks pulled up into a bun walking down the sidewalk beside the building where her car was parked. As she was unlocking the door, the suspect came up behind her, placed an item in her back and stated, “give me your money”. When she stated she had no money, the suspect stated, “Give me your money or I will cut you.” The victim gave the suspect $120 and he left on Lance Drive toward Williamston. The victim was not injured. Anderson County Sheriff’s Office K9 unit was brought in and lost the scent across Anderson Drive. Det. L. B. Culbertson is investigating.
Jan. 30 – Officers responded to Market Street in reference to shots fired in the area of E. Carolina St. While in the area, officers heard an additional five or six shots being fired. The area was searched but officers were unable to locate any suspects and did not hear any additional shots. J. Sparks, C. D. Brown investigated.
Jan. 30 – Best Cash Loans, 2 N. Hamilton St, Williamston reported a counterfeiting/forgery incident in which a named suspect presented an altered paycheck in the amount of $650. Officers were to speak to Judge Lollis about the incident. Det. L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Feb. 3 – WPD investigated a vandalism incident at Crescent Park restrooms in which the words “White Venom Join Us” was spray painted on a block wall beside the entrance to the left restroom door. Damage was estimated at $150. C. D. Brown investigated.