Anderson County Transportation Committee approves $1.6 million for local paving projects

By Stan Welch
On Monday, the Anderson County Transportation Committee, which distributes C fund revenues for use in the paving of county roads, approved expenditures of more than $1.6 million for three towns in the Journal’s readership area.
Williamston was allocated $490,967 to pave Glenwood Drive, Pelzer Avenue, Glendale Drive, Mineral Park Lane and L Street. The L Street approval is contingent on the removal of a large tree whose root system is damaging the roadbed. Also, Mattison Street will receive a less thorough paving, with tar and gravel being applied in what is called the triple treatment method. The traffic level for Mattison does not require full paving, according to deputy county administrator Holt Hopkins. “Town officials indicated that Mattison is used mainly for emergency access, and would not be significantly improved by the full paving treatment.”
Pelzer received approval of $249,469  for Guy Street, McCaughrin Street, Lewis Street, Hale Street, Front Street, Baptist Street, and Pelzer Park Street.
Belton received $871,988 for the paving of Smythe Street, Broyles Street, Madison Street and Cox Drive. The release of the funds is contingent on the town matching ten per cent of the costs, or approximately $87,000.
Hopkins explained that all the projects are approved contingent upon the towns applying for the funds obtaining the required ten per cent match. Pelzer’s match will come to just under twenty five thousand dollars, while Williamston will have to provide approximately fifty thousand dollars in matching funds.
Hopkins said that the bid documents are being prepared, with an eye towards summer construction. The towns will have to provide their matching funds prior to construction beginning. “If a town cannot meet their match requirements, they can remove some projects from their request, and meet the lesser match amount.”