Anderson County, State strong on Biden

By Stan Welch
The Democratic presidential primary came to South Carolina last weekend; and despite a paltry eleven per cent voter turnout, significant changes in the field resulted. The figures cited in this article are the Anderson County results Statewide figures obviously vary; but the results do not.
Former Vice President Joe Biden had his best showing by far, dominating the field and sending several of the lesser candidates home in the following days. Biden won almost forty two per cent of the vote in Anderson county, while runner up Bernie Sanders won approximately twenty four per cent. Biden also carried the State with 48.44 percent of the vote.
Sanders had come into the state following wins in the Iowa caucuses and the previous New Hampshire primary. Biden’s strong showing in South Carolina demonstrates a legitimate change in momentum, as the candidates headed into the Super Tuesday handful of primaries.
Fourteen states, from North Carolina to California and from Minnesota to Texas, will decide the awarding of more than thirty five per cent of the delegates available. America Samoa will also be involved, as well as American citizens living overseas.
Following disappointing results, candidates Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer all ended their campaigns; Steyer despite finishing third with almost 18oo votes. Also making terrible showings were Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard. Elizabeth Warren won about seven per cent of the vote. Those three candidates are apparently going to await the Super Tuesday results before making any decisions on the future of their campaigns.
Michael Bennet, Patrick Deval, John Delaney and Andrew Yang didn’t win one per cent of the vote combined.
A new model voting machine was used in Saturday’s primary. Preliminary reports are that the transition went smoothly, though some difficulty in accessing the actual results will require some additional practice and training by poll workers.
A total of 13,250 votes were cast, while 11,715 were cast on election day, with the remainder cast as absentee or fail safe votes.