Williamston approves funds for street repairs, banner poles

During their meeting Monday, Williamston Town Council approved funding for poles to hang festival banners and approved funding for work on Park Street and Bigby Street.
Council unanimously approved up to $2500 for poles and a cable to hang Festival banners across West Main Street. Organizers of the town’s three primary festivals recently requested Council consider replacing the poles to allow banners to advertise upcoming events.
Council also approved $11,489 for repairs on Bigby Street and $10,689 for repairs on Park Street. Councilman Tony Hagood said he and the mayor looked at Bigby Street last year and anticipated that heavy rains would cause problems in the future, which it recently did. Park Street has been closed for four or five years due to flooding causing problems with the roadway. Councilman Rockey Burgess suggested the funding come from the town’s contingency fund. The funding for both street repairs was approved unanimously.
Williamston Police Chief Tony Taylor told Council that with relationships built with other agencies, the Williamston Police Department was able to  bring in $71,000 in excess equipment. Two 2014 Chevrolet Tahoes with policing equipment were given to the department. The vehicles are valued at $18,000 each. Chief Taylor said the department sold some equipment and used the $22,000 they received to purchase another vehicle. He said they are working on a grant for two more vehicles. The grant will require a ten percent match, he said.
He also talked about his officers doing community policing and gave an example of one officer assisting a resident with groceries and another by purchasing needed medications.
 Williamston Community Liaison Debbie Chapman gave the following Codes update for February:
one report of illegal dumping on Tripp St.; one report of no water and sewer at a residence where people are living and four reports of dogs running at large. (Letters of warning sent to owners.)
She also updated Council on an issue involving the Gray Drive Walking Track Plaque.
Chapman said, “At a citizen/founders request, wording for a plaque for the Gray Drive Walking Track was revisited and reviewed. It was confirmed by the Council Meeting Minutes from September 10, 2001 and by listening to the audio tape from which those minutes were transcribed, that the wording of the plaque is correct as ordered.”
Envision Williamston Executive Director Tony Brown reported he is meeting with Clemson students about a marketing project and working on corporate partnerships. He is also working with the Habitat for Humanity organization on a housing project in Williamston. Brown said he is also working on an AARP grant that is due April 1 and requested guidance on what projects to include in the application.
Council went into an executive session lasting about 15 minutes to talk about an economic development contractural issue.