Gas price drops below 99 cents – in Kentucky


The first gas station in nation to return to 99 cents per gallon is here: GasBuddy has confirmed at 6:20am CT that a BP station in London, Kentucky has lowered its price to 99 cents per gallon, according to a cashier who answered the phone and also GasBuddy users who reported the price to GasBuddy app.

The station is the first in the nation to reach the mark that GasBuddy had been anticipating could pop up in the Great Lakes states a week or so ago.

“Absolutely amazing to see how quickly prices have fallen, and the return of something few Americans have seen since the early 2000s,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “We’re in uncharted waters due to demand plummeting in light of the coronavirus situation, and yesterday oil prices fell to their lowest level since 2002 in a sign of the deep distress our economy is facing.”