Anderson County extends emergency operations

By Stan Welch
Anderson County Council, during a rambunctious teleconference phone meeting held last Friday,  passed an emergency declaration that extends various changes in county operations for the foreseeable future; changes which facilitate the county’s ability to access emergency federal programs and other resources.
Emergency Management Director David Baker described the changes as “common sense precautions that will help this virus run its course as quickly and quietly as possible. What I do know is that the recommended actions are working. Social distancing is working. If you are sick, stay home. If you know someone who is sick, stay away from them. Wash your hands often and disinfect common surfaces in your home and workplace.”
County Administrator Rusty Burns confirmed that the County has received a second shipment of personal emergency equipment, such as masks and respirator from the national stockpile. “Like the first allotment, these will be allocated on the following basis: fifty per cent to the hospitals; and twenty five per cent respectively to nursing home facilities and first responders. The emergency declaration the Council recently adopted makes access to such resources easier and smoother.”
Anderson County received 1760 N95 Respirators, 4000 Face Masks/Surgical Masks, 96 Face Shields, 642 Surgical Gowns, 2 Coveralls, and 2500 Gloves.

Greenville County received 4150 N95 Respirators, 10,000 Face Masks/Surgical Masks, 1920 Face Shields, 1578 Surgical Gowns, 2 Coveralls, 5000 Gloves.

Following recommendations from the CDC, SCDHEC, and the Governor’s Office, Anderson County will continue guidelines previously in effect.